Whistle GO tracker now monitors your pet’s health and location 24/7

Whistle GO tracker now monitors your pet’s health and location 24/7

Two new trackers from Whistle now adds fitness, health and behavior monitoring plus longer battery life

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For dog owners, knowing their pet is safe is one of the biggest priorities — and for 16 percent of them its their numbering concern, according to a Whistle, a company that makes trackers designed for canines. Its latest, launching today, are Whistle GO and Whistle GO Explore, two trackers that push monitoring to a new level for pets.

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A black nylon dog collar, and a green square device with an outline of a whistle on the topWhistle GO Explore snaps on to a dog's collar, and has a battery life of up to 20 hoursWhistle

Whistle is already a well-known brand in pet tracking, with devices worn on a pet's collar that can keep tabs on a canine's whereabouts, and even what they're up to during the day. The new Whistle GO and Whistle GO Explore expand these features, with — what's sure to be helpful for most dog owners — a 24/7 tracker that updates every 15 seconds for live monitoring backed by AT&T and Google Maps.

Available on Whistle Go Site

Behavior monitoring is now part of the tracker as well, letting owners keep tabs on changes in sleep, but also scratching and licking, sending those details in a weekly report. That ability may help the 51 percent of dog owners that Whistle recently surveyed, who stated that scratching or licking worried them the most about their dog behavior.

Of the 1,000 people Whistle contacted, six out of ten said that at least "somewhat agree that tracking and monitoring technology" could help them understand what their dog needed during the day.

Whistle GO Explore, priced at $129.95, has an even heftier set of features than the $99.95 Whistle GO, with a 20-day battery life, as compared to 10 days on Whistle GO, and a built-in light on the device for safety when pets and owners are out for a last nightly walk, or even in a remote area.

A smartphone with a picture of a dog on top of a mobile map, reading "Updating location"Whistle now updates a pet's location every 15 seconds through AT&T and Google MapsWhistle

Current Whistle users are also getting a boost through new app updates in the Location tab. There, owners will see a weekly heat map of where their pet has traveled, trips they've taken, and will also get notifications when a pet has almost hit a daily activity goal. The majority of all dog owners surveyed by Whistle, 91 percent, said they were "somewhat interested" in technology that would help them find and locate their dog if it ran away.

Additional features are coming to the Whistle GO line by the end of the year, said the company, with personalized statistics related to their pet's health and activity.

The new devices are now available on Whistle's web site and Amazon.com, with Whistle GO in pink, blue and taupe and Whiste GO Explore in gray, magenta and Whistle Green. Tracking needs a subscription to Whistle's service, which starts at $6.95 a month.

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