A photo of Airrobo P20 Robot Vacuum and its box on a countertop

Airrobo P20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

A smart robot vacuum with unique suction power (2800Pa) and technology that can meet your cleaning needs for all types of flooring and costs less than $150.

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As the warmer months approach, many of our long hair friends will start to shed, and pet hair will appear in bigger chunks. A robot vacuum with strong suction power is one smart device that can help you remove pet hair, dust, and dirt. And we recently tested a new smart robotic vacuum by Airrobo that comes with features and technology that will clean your floors, especially those hard-to-reach spots like underneath the bed or a low chair. The name of this new robot vacuum is the Airrobo P20 robot vacuum, and here is what we found testing this new robot vacuum in a home with an average Wi-Fi connection.

What is the Airrobo P20 robot vacuum?

Airrobo P20 robot vacuum unboxedAirrobo P20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner unboxedGearBrain

Airrobo's new robotic vacuum, P20 is a robot vacuum that sweeps and vacuums your flooring, whether tile, wood, or carpet. It has 2800 Pa suction power, a 600ml removable dust bin, cliff sensors, an IR anti-collision sensor, and a washable HEPA filter. The low noise level when running is quiet (53 dB), and it has its own Scraper Technology.

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What is Airrobo's Scraper Technology?

Elite teams of UBTECH Robotics designed the robot vacuum cleaner's unique technology to remove dust on any type of floor, including uneven ones. It uses the vacuum's suction power and a floating scraper strip to suck in any dust on the floor, including dust stuck in the cracks of the floor or tile gaps. The scraper helps the air path inside the robot be completely sealed, which solves the issues of dust spill and frequently required maintenance due to loss of suction.

As for the dirt on the floor, the P20 has two propelling side brushes with special housing and a roller brush designed not to scratch the floors at work.

The P20 robot vacuum works on a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection but not on a 5 GHz connection. It also has decent battery life. It can run for 120 minutes on a single charge. As for cleaning modes, the P20 has four modes: auto, edge, spiral, and spot, which you can control using the Airrobo app available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

screenshot of Airrobo appMain screen of Airrobo appGearBrain

In addition, users can use the free app to monitor the HEPA filter's life, side and main brushes' life, and battery life and set the cleaning modes. It also controls suction power with two modes: Meticulous and Quick Clean. And it will help you set up schedules for your P20 to operate when you are home or away.

Another nice feature of the Airrobo P20 is its size and dimensions. Most robot vacuums we have tested are about 3.5 to 4 inches tall. The P20 robot vacuum measures only 3.07 inches tall (78mm). This will be useful when you want your robot to clean under a low chair or the bed.

As for navigation, the Airrobo P20 vacuum comes with cliff sensors, IR anti-collision sensors, and more robust algorithms. This helps the P20 to manage cleaning your floors and avoid bumping into furniture, falling off stairway entrances, cleaning on black carpets, and even on balconies under strong sunlight. It can even navigate over barrier crossings when going from one room to another.

Botton view of Airrobo P20 vacuum cleanerP20 comes with two side brushes, main brush and big dustbin.GearBrain

How to set up the Airrobo P20 Robot Vacuum

The setup process is quite easy for this robot vacuum. First, unbox the P20 robot vacuum and then download the Airrobo app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Then follow the instructions in the Airrobo app. Make sure you have your password for your home Wi-Fi network. You will need it to connect with the P20 robot vacuum. Also, check for firmware updates before you operate the P20. This will ensure your vacuum is running at the optimum levels.

The setup should only take a few minutes to get up and running.

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How much does P20 Robot Vacuum cost?

Airrobo P20 Robot Vacuum has an MSRP of $199.99 but is available on the company website and on Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart for much less. As of the writing of our review, Airrobo is offering the P20 for $119.99 with a $10 coupon. Amazon sells the P20 for only $99.99, while Walmart offers the P20 for less than $125.

Is this a good price? When we look what smart robot vacuums that only offer to vacuum but have strong suction power (greater than 2000 Pa) and long battery life, they cost around $150 to $200. So, at $125 or less, this is a good deal.


After testing this smart robot vacuum cleaner for the past few months, we found it a reliable robot vacuum that can keep your floors clean. It's quiet when it runs, even in Meticulous mode with the strongest suction power. The setup was simple, and we quickly connected our P20 to our home Wi-Fi network.

Where we ran into some issues with the P20 with navigation. Many robot vacuums come with navigation which you can set "no-go" zones. You don't want the robot vacuum to clean these areas on the map. This comes in handy if you only want the robot vacuum to clean a room with few entryways. For instance, when testing the P20, we had it in our kitchen with doorways leading to a hallway and the dining room. We had to put objects in these doorways to prevent the P20 robot vacuum from entering and cleaning those rooms. It would have been nice to have the robot map the kitchen room and then allow us to place on the map a no-vacuum tag in the app.

screenshot of map in Airrobo appNo controls in Airrobo app for mapping and navigationGearBrain

Another feature we would have liked to have seen with the P20 robot vacuum is integration with the voice assistant platforms Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. There are no integrations at this time. Hopefully, there will be in the near future.

The last issue we had was with the rather big dustbin. I think the P20 has one of the largest dustbins we have seen in a robot vacuum cleaner. However, we had issues opening it when we had to empty the dust. We had to pry it open with a screwdriver. But once it was opened, we had no more issues getting the dirt out.

Lastly, the suction power was excellent and cleaned our floors nicely. And we liked how it came with two additional side brushes.

a photo of the Airrobo P20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner plugged into its charging stationAirrobo Robot Vacuum Cleaner plugged into its charging station.GearBrain


The Airrobo P20 Robot Vacuum by UBTECH is a dependable robot vacuum cleaner with good suction power powered by their Scraper Technology created by the UBTECH team. It also has a long-lasting battery (120 minutes) and a large dustbin. If you are looking for a robot vacuum that can mop and sweep your floors, this is not the vacuum for you. Or, if you are in the market for a robot vacuum with strong suction power and customized navigation, the P20 is not for you. However, if you want a trustworthy robot vacuum that costs less than $125 and comes with strong suction power, good battery life, intelligent navigation and is capable of cleaning those hard-to-get areas (like underneath the bed or in a corner), the P2 Robot Vacuum is a good choice. And you can't beat the price too.


  • Strong suction power and technology (Scaper Technology)
  • Large dustbin (600ml)
  • Price


  • No voice integrations (No Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant)
  • limited Navigation control (no "no-go" zones)
  • Mapping

AIRROBO Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 2800Pa Suction Power, App Control, 120 Mins Runtime, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Low Carpet, Pet Hair, Hard Floors, P20

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