a photo of BenchSentry by Genie Secure Package Delivery Box on a porch

BenchSentry by Genie Package Delivery Box Review

BenchSentry by Genie's new smart delivery box is big and ideal for smart homes that get lots of deliveries and don't want those porch pirates stealing them.

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At GearBrain, we test smart devices of all shapes and sizes. Whether it's a smart device for your home, car, or home office, we will try and report back on how it works, its benefits, disadvantages, and integrations with other compatible smart devices. In this review, we tested a new smart delivery box by Genie Company. They sent us their new BenchSentry by Genie, a smart secure package delivery box that looks like a bench but can secure your packages 24/7. With more consumers working from home these days, a smart delivery box is not a bad smart device to add to your home, especially if you get a lot of deliveries throughout the day. Here is what we found when testing this new smart delivery box in a real home.

a photo of BenchSentry by Genie Secure Package Delivery box on a porch next to a chairThe BenchSentry by Genie is a big delivery box that can hold a lot of packages.GearBrain

What is BenchSentry by Genie?

BenchSentry by Genie is a smart package delivery box that is shaped like a bench but can hold packages of various sizes. All the major delivery services like UPS, USPS, and FedEx can access the box if locked. All they have to do is insert the last four digits of the tracking code, place your packages inside the box, and then close the lid. At this time, the lid will lock and you will get a notification your package has been delivered. It's that simple.

This smart delivery box is rather big, especially when compared to other smart delivery boxes, like Yale Smart Delivery Box which GearBrain has tested. BenchSentry measures 25" high by 35" wide and 23" deep while Yale Smart Delivery Box measures only 24" high by 25' wide and 18" deep. BenchSentry is also weatherproof and UV resistant and comes with a touchscreen, speaker, and light for inside your box which comes in handy on those dark nights. The overall storage capacity for the BenchSentry is 7 cubic feet.

The BenchSenty also has an electric smart lock powered via an AC connection. Yes, you have to plug in your BenchSentry to power the box. You also have to connect your smart delivery box to the BenchSentry app for remote access and monitoring. The app is available on App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Androids. And it will guide you through the setup process and pairing with your home Wi-Fi network. The box is also available in two colors, slate or tan. You can also paint it to match your home's color. Just make sure you use a Krylon Fusion for plastic paint, Rust-O-Leum 2X Paint and Primer, or HDX Tack Cloth.

In addition to connecting with the BenchSentry app, the company has an Owner's portal which users can use to access from any web browser. The Owner's Portal is an extension of the app and allows users to lock/unlock the delivery box, add tracking codes, and entry codes and keep track of events. Your mobile app credentials can be used to access your Owner's Portal.

a screenshot of BenchSentry app showing how to setup owner's portalTo set up your Owner's portal, the BenchSentry app has a video to help you.GearBrain

How does the BenchSentry by Genie Package Delivery Box work?

This smart delivery box by Genie is easy to operate once set up and secured to your porch or house. All the driver has to do is either place the package inside the delivery box if unlocked or insert the last four digits of the tracking code on the touchscreen which will unlock the lid. Then place the package inside and closed the lid which will lock automatically depending on the lock mode you are using. It's that easy.

And speaking of lock modes, BenchSentry comes with three lock modes: locks after delivery, always unlocked, and always locked. The "locks after delivery" mode is the recommended setting and most common. How does this mode work? At the beginning of the day, your BenchSentry is unlocked until the first delivery is made. Once the delivery person closes the lid, the BenchSentry will lock. From this point on all deliveries will require your delivery person to insert a code to unlock the box and place the delivery inside. Or you change the mode to one of the other two settings which are self-explanatory.

How does BenchSentry know the last four digits of the tracking code to unlock your box? You have to let it know by using either the BenchSentry app or Owner's Portal. You will see on the app where to insert the full tracking code for your delivery. Once inserted, when the deliverer goes to lift the lid, BenchSentry will tell them to insert the last four digits of the tracking code on the touchscreen. The box also has stickers saying the same thing. Once the code is inserted, the box will unlock. Now, this might sound complicated but it isn't. But if you need help, there are a few really good tutorial videos on the BenchSentry site to help you set up these lock settings.

a photo of the touchscreen on the BenchSentry boxUse the touchscreen on the BenchSentry box to unlock or lock your delivery box.GearBrain

How do you set up this smart delivery box by BenchSentry?

The construction and securing of the BenchSentry by Genie is rather easy but is time-consuming. The reason is the assembly process can be done by one person but it will go quicker with two people. The pieces are rather bulky. However, you don't need any tools except a Philips head screwdriver. The first step recommended is to download the BenchSentry app, then unbox your BenchSentry. Make sure you have all the parts and screws. Then check to make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection wherever you plan to install and secure your smart delivery box. If the Wi-Fi signal is weak, you might need to get a Wi-Fi extender to boast your signal.

Once all is good, we would recommend taking your time and watching each tutorial video along the setup process. These videos will make it easier for you to install this smart delivery box. The installation process will take some time but it's not hard. I think the hardest parts are when you have to put the dampers on the box as well as secure your box to either the porch, house, or a pole. Overall installation time is about an hour is our estimation.

Screenshot of BenchSentry app with tutorial videosBenchSentry app has a lot of good tutorial videos to help you set up your smart delivery boxGearBrain

Smart Home Integrations

Does BenchSentry connect to any smart home ecosystems or smart speakers and displays? According to the company, BenchSentry works with Aladdin Connect, a smart garage door controller by Genie Company. It works just like Chamberlain's myQ smart garage door controller however Aladdin Connect is only available in existing or retrofit Genie Smart Garage Door Openers with Aladdin Connect. If you have one of these smart garage door openers, you will be able to integrate your BenchSentry with these garage door openers. The company is working on voice integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice platforms and will let us know when completed. But for now, even though Aladdin Connect does work with these two voice systems as well as Samsung SmartThings and Clare Controls, you will not be able to control your BenchSentry with these integrations.

How much does BenchSentry cost?

BenchSentry by Genie costs $449 and is available on Amazon, Walmart, and the company's website.

How well did the BenchSentry perform during testing?

The first glaring characteristic of this new smart delivery box was its size. It is big and can handle big packages or multiple packages. The inside has 7 cubic feet of storage which is a lot. However, if putting this smart delivery box on your porch, you better have two things: a large space and AC power. If you have both of these and get a lot of deliveries throughout the day, BenchSentry will work. If you don't, this smart delivery box might not be for you.

Then who should get this smart delivery box? BenchSentry is ideal for homes that get a lot of deliveries, people who work from home and get multiple deliveries through the day, and smart businesses that get deliveries off hours. Just make sure you can secure the smart delivery box to either your home, porch, pole, or something stationary. This will make it harder for thieves to steal it.

Regarding the entry codes, BenchSentry is the first smart delivery box we have tested that has a touchscreen that is used to insert a code to unlock the box. It's also the first system that allows you to provide your delivery driver with a code to unlock the smart delivery box. And this is where things get challenging.

a photo of the BenchSentry sign with instructions for your delivery personBenchSentry comes with a sign to help instruct delivery drivers on where to place the packages.GearBrain

We inserted our tracking codes into the app during our testing and watched how our deliveries were made. It seems a majority of the time, our delivery person just put the package on the porch or on top of the box. Many didn't even read the sign we had which was provided by BenchSenty with instructions on where to put the package. Since the box is big, we could see the delivery person looking at the box. Some did interact with the touchscreen, but a majority of them didn't bother. My favorite was the delivery person who read the sign, touched the touchscreen and then just left the package on top of the BenchSentry which was unlocked.

Based on our testing, I think the best way to get your delivery guys to place the packages inside the BenchSentry is for you to tell your driver how it works. Take the time when they come to your door for the first time and explain to them what you want them to do, especially if you work from home. Many of the major delivery services have regular delivery drivers who work a specific route in which your home and/or business is included. We know not all of the drivers will comply but most of the regulars will have no problem, especially if you tip them during the holidays.

Lastly, we notice BenchSentry has a guarantee that your packages will not be stolen from the box and will reimburse you up to $500. This is bold but does show confidence in the security of the smart delivery box.

a photo of Yale Smart Delivery box next to BenchSentry by Genie delivery boxBenchSentry is much bigger than Yale's Smart Delivery box but you need power wherever you place BenchSentry. Yale's is battery-powered.GearBrain


Overall, the BenchSentry by Genie smart delivery box provides a level of security for your packages and can protect them from "porch pirates." It is big and does require you to have power on your porch. Users also have to input a tracking code for the delivery driver to use if the box is locked. And you have to get your delivery drivers to use the smart delivery box. But if you have a regular guy who makes deliveries to your home and you get a lot of packages throughout the day and need a way to keep them safe while you are not home, BenchSentry is a smart delivery package box for you to consider. It can store a lot of packages and it can keep you notified every time someone opens and closes the box. And if you place a security camera or doorbell in view of your box, you have an effective safe, and secure setup to keep your deliveries out of the hands of thieves all the time.


  • Lots of storage for big packages
  • Touchscreen with voice commands
  • Weatherproof and UV resistant


  • Need a large space with AC power
  • Get delivery drivers to insert codes and put packages inside the box
  • Limited smart home integrations

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