Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Best Apps Every Student Should Use

The best apps to help college students with time management, meeting deadlines, taking notes, and storing your vulnerable data while at school or on break.

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With the development of technology, students have got unlimited opportunities. While some are convinced that no applications can replace the time spent in the library, others actively use similar platforms to achieve the desired goals. Although learning how to use the applications with the damage to academic success may take some time and effort, the struggle is real, and the result will be exceptionally rewarding.

Browsing the online market, you will encounter many applications that can improve and simplify various aspects of your life, starting with finance, time management, traveling, communication, and studying. Are you ready to try it and start with the most reliable and beneficial options? Check out our comprehensive list of applications that lots of students appreciate.


a screenshot of RefMe home pageRefMe can simplify the process of referencing sources.Evernote

Writing essays is one of the assignments college students must handle. Analyzing available data sources, profound research, and excellent writing skills are indispensable for creating an influential paper. Additionally, if you do not use the assistance of professional writers, you will have to pay due attention to the referencing in the paper, which will take quite some of your time.

You have to mention the name of the necessary data source and the formatting style to get the proper citation. According to the reviews of most students, referencing is one of the most daunting and complicated assignments everyone tries to skip. Fortunately, RefMe is one of the apps that can simplify the process without damaging the quality.

At this point, mentioning that the option may benefit learners who prefer to work on their writing assignments independently is critical. However, those who prefer to skip similar assignments should better take the time to read reviews published by the WritingPaperSucks and choose an online essay writing service that is safe, anonymous, and affordable.

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EvernoteEvernote, an excellent tool for essay preparation. Evernote

This service can improve your time-management skills and make your work more focused and productive. It is another excellent application for students working on challenging assignments. Once you download the app, you get an opportunity to add text, pictures, online content, and other options keeping them for later. All the notes are stored within the app and can be accessed anytime and from any device.

Besides, it is critical to mention that Evernote is not about making notes only; it is about assigning tasks, setting reminders, and staying productive. Connect to Google Calendar and make your studying more beneficial, interesting, and planned.

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a screenshot of Motion appMotionMotion

While a considerable number of people are convinced that up-to-date apps are nothing but a distraction, there is a plethora of apps that offer the opposite effect. Motion is one of the most demanded and appreciated applications that helps to stay concentrated, focusing on specific assignments. It is an excellent tool for college and university students who spend much time on their laptops. In most instances, it comes to messages from Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and similar social media. A free browser extension will block any notifications that can potentially distract you.

Using Motion, you can save much time and effort dealing with college projects much faster. This way, the app will help you focus on the assignment, even when you work online. No distractions will prevent you from the achievement of the desired results.

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Google Drive

a screenshot of Google Drive LogoGoogle DriveGoogle Play

Every college student knows how complicated it is to store all the necessary information on a laptop or a computer and how expensive it may be to buy extra storage space. Fortunately, there is always an opportunity to take advantage of Google Drive, a safe and effective cloud-based solution. It will not only provide you with a chance to store all your vulnerable data online, but it will also give you a chance to access it anytime you need it.

Although some people doubt the safety and relevance of such an app, others are aware of all the advantages that come with it. Once you download and start using Google Drive, you eliminate the risk of losing important files, sharing them with random people, and getting them stolen.


screenshot of todolist logotodolist apptodolist

Finding a college student who is barely focused on studying is complicated. In most cases, learners have a few hobbies and interests that also take a lot of time and energy. Besides, it is critical to say that some students have to combine studying with work to have an opportunity to cover certain expenses and stay afloat. In such instances, balancing social, academic, and personal life may be exceptionally challenging.

Perfect task-management service will help you learn the basics of planning and remaining effective and productive irrespective of your busy schedule. Todoist is the exact app that simplifies your struggles and offers beneficial solutions. The app will teach you to prioritize things and cope with all the assignments at the right time.

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