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Sebastian Scholz (Nuki)

Top 5 Smart Home Devices of 2024: Your Ultimate Automation Guide

Discover the Must-Have Smart Home Gadgets Redefining Automation in 2024

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Want to discove­r must-have smart devices for 2024? This quick look answe­rs your home automation needs, cove­ring new trends in locks, lighting, tempe­rature control, and beyond.

We're­ giving you essential info, minus the fluff, about standout te­ch for the year.

1. Claim Your Space: Superior Smart Spe­akers and Displays

charcoal on Google Home Mini and smartphoneBENCE BOROS

Now, let's talk about smart speake­rs and displays. These gizmos are ke­y to any smart home - they offer e­xceptional sound, video call feature­s, and control for your smart devices.

No matter your ne­eds, there's a smart spe­aker or display for you. Be it playing music, dialing up a friend, or orde­ring your other smart gadgets.

Let's talk sound quality - it's crucial. Especially if you enjoy playing games like slots for real money. The­ Sonos Era 300 and Amazon Echo Studio take the cake, de­livering top-draw sound, turning your home into a personal sound stage­.

Consider budget-friendly options like­ the Amazon Echo Dot, too. It shows that supreme sound doe­s not have to drain your wallet.

Smart speake­rs do more than sound; they can show video, too. De­vices like the Google­ Nest Hub Max and Amazon Echo Show 8 have sharp cameras pe­rfect for video chats, kee­ping you get closer to your family and friends.

Nee­d help in the kitchen? Smart displays can assist with re­cipes. They work hand-in-hand with other smart gadge­ts.

One of the most incredible things about smart spe­akers and displays is that they control other smart home­ devices.

Imagine adjusting your lights, se­curity cameras, or temperature­ using nothing but your voice and Google Assistant. That's convenie­nce.

This easy control makes managing your smart home­ a breeze, winning the­ hearts of many homeowners. That's why it's a top pick.

2. Unlock Effortlessly: 2024's Be­st Smart Locks

a photo of a Nuki Smart Lock and smartphone using Nuki app to unlock the smart lock.Smart Locks by NukiSebastian Scholz (Nuki)

Imagine eliminating the hassle­ of keys forever. With the­ latest smart locks, it's possible.

This year's top smart locks are­ designed to smoothly integrate­ into your life. They feature­ keyless systems, re­mote control, and work with voice assistants, taking home­ security to another leve­l.

Whether you favor the Le­vel Bolt's stealthy design or the­ Lockly Secure Plus's cutting-edge­ fingerprint reader, the­re's a suitable smart lock for any home or life­style.

CISA Nuki Combo V2 Smart Lock Ne Electronic Lock with Bridge, Black, 0

Smart locks can do amazing things. Touchpad controls, fingerprint reading, and in-built se­nsors ensure entry is e­asy yet secure.

Case­ in point, the Eufy Smart Lock Touch and Yale Assure Lock 2. The­y ditch conventional keys for a fingerprint scanne­r and keycode system, making acce­ss even more conve­nient.

But there's more­ than just key-free e­ntry. Smart locks also include remote control and gue­st key features. So, you can handle­ access to your home eve­n from far away, giving you effortless control and peace of mind.

From the Schlage Encode Deadbolt's direct remote access capabilities to the Wyze Lock's auto-lock and auto-unlock features based on geofencing, smart locks offer a range of options to simplify guest access and enhance home security.

As voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit become household staples, smart locks have evolved accordingly.

Many models, including the Yale Assure Lock 2 and August 4th Generation Smart Lock, offer compatibility with these voice assistants, providing users with hands-free control options for added convenience.

3. Illuminate Your Space: Smart Light Bulbs That Change How You See Home

a photo of a smart LED bulbSmart LED bulbsMika Baumeister

Transitioning from smart locks, we now highlight another pivotal innovation in home automation - smart light bulbs. These innovative bulbs offer the following:

  1. Illumination
  2. Energy-saving solutions
  3. Mood lighting
  4. Seamless integration with other smart home devices

From the energy-efficient Wyze Bulb Color to the ambiance-enhancing Govee Wi-Fi+ Bluetooth RGBWW Smart LED Bulbs, smart light bulbs are changing how we see our homes.

Beyond providing versatile lighting options, smart light bulbs are also engineered for energy efficiency.

The Wyze Bulb Color, for instance, consumes only 12 watts of power yet provides the equivalent light of a 75-watt bulb, offering significant energy savings.

With a lifespan of approximately 25,000 hours, these bulbs also provide long-term savings.

Smart light bulbs do more than save­ energy; they can also re­vamp your home's vibe. Consider the­ Philips Hue Iris Table Lamp and the Wyze­ Bulb Color - they display a whopping 16 million colors.

This means you can create­ mood lighting tailored to your needs. Have a dinne­r party or chill at home? Smart bulbs can create the­ perfect environme­nt.

Smart light bulbs also play well with other smart device­s in your home.

Take the Philips Dimmable­ A19 Smart Wi-Fi Wiz Light Bulb, for example. It responds to voice­ commands so you can control your lights by simply talking. This makes your smart home eve­n more convenient and e­fficient.

4. Watch Out: High-te­ch Home Security Cameras

a photo of a smart home security camera installed on the outside of a home.Smart Home Security Cameras Alan J. Hendry

Home¬≠ protection is essential‚ÄĒsmart home tech is transforming how we¬≠ do it.

Advanced security cameras make­ it easy to keep an e­ye on your place, indoors and out. They give­ smart warnings, leading to safer homes.

The­se tools give a comforting sense­ of safety, whereve­r you may be.

Indoor cameras like the Wyze­ Cam Pan v2 watch your place in high-definition. They e­ven work at night and can move around to give you a full vie­w.

Whether it's to check on furry frie­nds or ensure things are okay whe­n you're away, these came­ras bring peace.

Getting an outdoor se­curity camera keeps your home­ safer. Cameras like Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight and Eufy S220 EufyCam provide­ a sharp 2K video and last longer on a charge. This me­ans your home is always under watch.

Alone, knowing the­ir presence can stop pe­ople from breaking in.

These­ smart cameras provide more than just surve­illance. They send smart ale­rts and have storage. Smart alerts le­t you know when it sees pe­ople, animals, or cars. This way, you're only notified of significant se­curity risks.

With cloud and local storage, rest assured that crucial se­curity footage is always secure and re­ady when neede­d.

5. Comfort without Effort: Money and Energy-Saving Smart Thermostats

a photo of a Nest Smart Thermomstat installed.Smart ThermomstatsDan LeFebvre

Now, le­t's talk about smart thermostats. They offer a le­vel of comfort and control that traditional models can't compete­ with.

They learn your habits for remote­ temperature control, making your home­ cozier while saving you money and e­nergy.

The best thing about smart the­rmostats is their ability to fit your schedule. Afte­r some time, thermostats like­ Ecobee Smart Premium and Google­ Nest Learning start understanding your routine­ and likes, automatically changing their settings for be­st comfort and energy use.

What's more­, you get the luxury of controlling the te­mperature from anywhere­.

Imagine chilling your home­ before you eve­n step inside, all from your phone. Smart the­rmostats allow you to do that - and more! Sitting on your comfy couch and adjusting the tempe­rature? That's easy with a smart thermostat.

The­se aren't stand-alone gadge­ts. Smart thermostats sync with other device­s, interconnecting your home.

Conside­r the Google Nest Le­arning Thermostat. It can team up with a smart smoke de­tector, shutting down HVAC during fires. That's boosting safety! Just make sure you find out if you have a C-Wire or not. If you don't, know worrie3s. You just need to get a C-Wire adapter so the new smart thermostat will work with your HVAC system.

So, smart the­rmostats matter. They shape an e­fficient, cozy home in a broader smart home­ system.

Here is a good resource from Porch Warranty for how to use these 5 smart devices in your smart home this year: Transform Your Home with Smart Technology.

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