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7 best fitness trackers for gym rats

Heading back to the gym? Here are the smartwatches and fitness trackers which can help you get back into shape in no time.

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Many of us avoided Indoor workouts at gyms during the pandemic for more than a year. But those days seem to be behind us and we are starting to open back up — a way to take our fitness routine out of a bedroom, hallway, or the street. A great fitness tracker can help people stick to a new routine and amp up their workouts as well. These seven are ones to consider that work anywhere you're breaking a workout sweat, including your favorite gym.

Fitbit Charge 5

a photo of Fitbit Charge 5


Fitbit Charge 5

The Fitbit Charge 5 is a fitness tracker that has a sleek, minimalist design with a color AMOLED display. The Charge 5 has a variety of features, including heart rate monitoring, GPS, sleep tracking, stress tracking, an EDA Scan app, and an ECG app. You also get Active Zone Minutes, 10+ goal-based exercise modes, and water resistance to 50 meters. The Charge 5 has a battery life of up to 7 days in smartwatch mode and up to 20 hours in GPS mode.

The Fitbit Charge 5 is a great fitness tracker for people looking for a sleek, stylish tracker with various features. It is a bit more expensive than some other fitness trackers, but it offers a lot of value for the price.

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