Brilliant can now open and close your garage door

The smart controller continues to expand what can be managed from the wall switch and app, and now includes Genie garage doors

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Brilliant's touchscreen controller can manage one more element of the home now through its wall panel — the garage door. The new feature works with many of Genie garage door openers, letting people use the Brilliant device and app, to open and close those doors from inside their home, or from the app if they're in the car.

Brilliant launched a few years, a wall switch that at the start could control lights, thermostats, music, cameras and more — and worked with Amazon Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant. The flat touchscreen sits on the wall — a play that Brilliant made believing that people would want control over their home from a place that felt familiar, the light switch.

Brilliant wall switchBrilliant is adding garage door control to its wall touchscreenBrilliant

Certainly, control over smart features from turning on the light to playing music, can be handled from a ton of options. People can operate smart products through smart speakers like those made by Amazon, Google and Apple, by engaging the smart assistants, like Google Assistant, embedded inside and asking, for example, "Hey Google, turn on the kitchen lights." They can also control products through apps on their mobile devices.

The light switch, however, is a familiar item. There's almost a muscle memory to raising the arm and turning on a light from a wall panel. That's where Brilliant's controller sits, and continues to add more features to what the wall unit can operate. In addition to integrating with Alexa, Brilliant can now speak with Google Assistant, and work with Apple's HomeKit — a beta, that went live in May — and Samsung SmartThings, along with products from brands including Sonos, Ring, Schlage, Honeywell, Ecobee, Philips Hue, LIFX, Wemo and more.

Brilliant is wired into the wall where the light switch typically sits. Instead of toggles, the controller has a touchscreen, where different features can be managed, including turning on the lights, and now opening and closing a garage door. The new Genie garage door integration works only with its Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers that are powered by Aladdin Connect, a feature from Genie that lets people control their garage door through a smartphone. You can add the step to an existing routine as well, such as a scene that already locks doors and turns off lights before someone goes to bed.

Brilliant is also expanding into new devices in the coming months, including a separate smart dimmer switch which the company had announced at CES 2020.

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