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Current Model G Dual Zone Electric Grill Review

Discover the Performance, Precision, and Innovation of the Current Model G Dual Zone Grill.

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When I think of electric grills, the first one that comes to mind is the George Foreman Electric Grill. While it's small and primarily for indoor use, it offers a simple grilling experience. Today, electric grills have evolved, becoming larger and smarter. They are no longer just compact indoor machines; they now offer features comparable to traditional grills. At the CES 2024 Show in Las Vegas, the Current Model G Dual Zone Electric Grill captured our attention with its impressive capabilities. We had the opportunity to sample food cooked on this grill and were pleasantly surprised by its resemblance to gas-grilled flavors. Intrigued, I decided to test this innovative smart electric grill over the past few months, and here is what I discovered.

What is the Current Model G Dual Zone Electric Grill?

a photo of Current Model G Dual Zone Electric GrillCurrent Model G Dual Zone Electric GrillGearBrain

The Current Model G Dual Zone Grill is designed to deliver exceptional performance, heating up to 700°F, which is 150°F hotter than the leading gas grill brand’s stated maximum temperature. Its anodized aluminum cooktops ensure high-temperature searing, even in cold environments or with the lid open, a feature previously unheard of with electric grills. Precision is key, as the grill is ready to cook in as little as 10 minutes, with a patented cooking system providing precise, even temperatures across the entire cooking surface, resulting in consistently juicier food with fewer flare-ups than gas grills.

Complete control is at your fingertips with the grill’s fully Wi-Fi-enabled cooking system, integrated with the Current Backyard app. This app allows you to monitor and control the grill from anywhere, offering three distinct usage modes: complete manual mode, internal temperature guides, and step-by-step instructions curated by professional chefs. The reimagined industrial design allows for easy assembly in less than 30 minutes, thanks to patent-pending, tool-less “snap-in” panels and hanging side shelves, with no additional hardware required. The grill is available in three different colors and multiple configurations, ensuring a perfect match for any backyard setup.

a photo of Current Model G Dual Zone Grill with coverCurrent offers accessories for your Model G, including a nice cover and cooking utensils.GearBrain

In terms of energy efficiency, the grill produces zero emissions at the point of use and is six times more energy-efficient than traditional gas grills. Connectivity is enhanced through the Current Backyard app, which helps users control the grill and discover new recipes, providing and recommending future recipes to further grilling skills. Additional notable features include the SmartClean mode, which simplifies cleaning with a single button, and versatile flavor trays that allow users to add flavor with water, wood chips, or pellets to generate steam or smoke. The grill also includes organized meat probes that connect through the side of the controller, keeping them out of the way and making the cooking process seamless.

With every purchase, enjoy peace of mind with a Limited 10-Year Warranty. Elevate your grilling game with the Current Model G Dual Zone Electric Grill.

Overall, the Current Model G Dual Zone Grill combines high performance, precise control, innovative design, and connectivity to offer a superior grilling experience.

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How to set up your Current Model G Dual Zone Electric Grill.

The Current Model G Dual Zone Electric Grill is a plug and play electric drill once you assemble it. It comes in two boxes with instructions that you get via a QR Code on the Quick Setup Guide. The code will ask you to download the BILT app, which will help you assemble your Model G electric grill. These instructions, which include animated instruction videos, will walk you through the setup steps you need to take to assemble the electric grill. The step-by-step videos are helpful, and I recommend you view them. To complete your setup, you must also open the Current Backyard app (iOS and Android). I have outlined below the 12 steps you need to take to get the electric grill working once you plug it into an outlet outside.

12 Steps to Assemble Current Dual Zone

Follow our guide and you will have your Current Model G Dual Zone Electric Grill up and runniing in no time.

Always refer to the detailed instruction manual for your grill for specific assembly steps and safety guidelines.

How much does the Current Model G Dual Zone Electric Grill cost?

Current offers two models of electric grills: the Model G Dual Zone Grill and the Model G Electric Griddle. The Model G Dual Zone Grill, priced at $899.99, is the more expensive option. It features a maximum cooking temperature of 700°F, full Wi-Fi connectivity, and comes in three colors: onyx, slate, and moon dust. The Model G Electric Griddle is priced at $799.99 and offers full Wi-Fi connectivity as well, but has a lower maximum cooking temperature of 600°F.

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Additional accessories can be added to either model at an extra cost. These grill kits are compatible with both the Model G Grill and Griddle, and users can choose any combination:

  1. Thin Grill Locker Kit: This kit includes 3 hanging hooks and 2 adjustable racks for storing grilling tools, spices, rubs, and cooking gear. It costs $249.00.
  2. Dual Slide-Out Storage Bins Kit: This kit consists of two removable storage bins that slide in and out of the storage frame. It costs $99.00.
  3. Grill Cabinet Kit: This kit includes two removable storage bins that slide in and out of the frame. It costs $99.00.

The top-of-the-line Current Model G Dual Zone Grill with all three kits costs $1,346, while the Griddle version with all three kits costs $1,246. Both models and accessories are available on the company's website. Customers can reduce the total cost by selecting only the kits they need.

Is this a good price for a smart electric grill? When comparing electric grills on the market today, they vary significantly in size, cooking area, and cost. Most electric grills designed for indoor use have a relatively small cooking area and lack features such as built-in smart meat thermometers, dual zones, and the ability to heat up to 700 degrees. While electric grills from brands like Kenyon and Weber receive high marks, they can cost either half or twice as much as the Current Model G devices. Therefore, although the total cost of a Current electric grill or griddle with all the kits may seem expensive to some, for serious cooks who desire wireless connectivity and a large cooking surface, Current's models are competitively priced in the mid-range of the market.

What I liked and disliked about Current Mode G Dual Zone Grill.

After months of testing the Current Model G Dual Zone Grill, here is what I liked and didn't like about this electric grill:

What I Liked About the Current Model G Dual Zone Grill:

  • App Monitoring: The ability to monitor temperature through the Current app, available on both iOS and Android devices, is incredibly convenient.
  • Large Cooking Area: The grill offers a spacious 425 square inches of total grilling cooking area (330 main grilling area), one of the largest for an electric grill, compared to the usual 300 square inches or less.
  • Dual Zones: The dual-zone feature is excellent for cooking different items simultaneously, like meat and vegetables, with adjustable temperatures on either side.
  • Smart Meat Thermometers: Two wired smart meat thermometers are a great addition, especially for those new to electric grilling.
  • Current Backyard App: The app provides recipes and cooking tracking, provided you have a strong Wi-Fi signal (2.4 GHz only).
  • Electric Convenience: No worries about running out of gas or charcoal; plug into an outlet (110V). This is ideal for apartments or townhouses with balconies where gas or charcoal grills are not allowed. Just make sure you have an outlet nearby.
  • Easy Assembly: Many parts snap into place, making assembly straightforward.
  • Energy Efficiency: The grill produces zero emissions and is six times more energy-efficient than a gas grill, contributing to environmental conservation.
  • High Temperature: I was impressed that this electric grill can reach a maximum temperature of 700°F. This is higher than most electric grills, which reach up to 600°F, allowing for proper searing.
  • Cooking Performance: For my test, I grilled various meats and vegetables simultaneously due to the dual zone heating feature. I cooked pork chops, steaks, hotdogs, sausage, chicken, hamburgers, and assorted vegetables. We used the Current app and smart meat thermometers to achieve the desired doneness for our food. It was easy to use, and we mostly got our desired outcome.
  • Flavor Trays: The trays for wood chips, pellets, or water add great flavor, enhancing the cooking experience. They were easy to use and helped improve the flavor of some of our dishes.
  • SmartClean Feature: The SmartClean feature simplifies cleaning. While the grates darken with use, similar to a seasoned cast iron pan, it doesn’t affect the quality.

a photo of Current Model G Dual Zone Grill in SmartClean modeSmartClean mode for Current Model G Dual Zone GrillGearBrain

Note: As you can see from the image below, the Current Model G's grill top does not always get entirely clean. Don't be alarmed when you see they are not cleaned after going through the SmartClean mode. The grates will naturally darken with use. When you clean the grill, know the grates will not return to their original silver color. Just like a cast iron pan after seasoning, the wear doesn’t negate the quality of the grates—once they have been used, the grill will heat faster. So, this is a good thing.

a photo of Current Model G grill after smartclean mode.  It shows the grates are still brown from cooking.It's ok to have your Current Model G's grates look like this after SmartClean mode.GearBrain

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Assembly Time: Assembling the grill took longer than the advertised 30 minutes, especially with all three kits, and required a second person. It took me over an hour with minimal help.
  • App Limitations: The app's smart meat thermometer section is basic and lacks the robustness of other smart thermometers. While it has a good selection of recipes, it could be more comprehensive.

a screenshot of cooking guide in Current Backyard appI was not impressed with Current Backyard's cooking guide in their app. Not as robust as other smart meat thermometer's apps.GearBrain

  • Wired Thermometers: I would have preferred wireless smart meat thermometers. A partnership with a company like Meater or The MeatStick for integration and recipe sharing would greatly improve.
  • High Cost: The grill is expensive, especially with additional kits, making the initial outlay over $1,000 quite high compared to gas grills. However, it eliminates the recurring cost of gas refills.
  • Heating Time: The grill heats to standard cooking temperature (400-450°F) in about 10 minutes, with maximum heat taking up to 40 minutes. This is longer compared to the quick heating of gas grills, requiring me to have a longer prep time, which can be an inconvenience to some who are in a rush to cook their food.

a photo of pork being cooked with wired smart meat thermometers.I would have liked wireless meat thermometers or maybe a partnership with other smart meat thermometers.GearBrain

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Who should buy the Current Model G Dual Zone Grill? The Current Model G Dual Zone Electric Grill is ideal for serious cooks and grilling enthusiasts who value high performance, energy efficiency, and advanced features. It’s perfect for those who need a versatile cooking solution with a large cooking area and dual zones for different types of food. It suits individuals living in apartments or townhouses where gas or charcoal grills are not allowed, thanks to its electric convenience and zero emissions. Additionally, tech-savvy users will appreciate the Wi-Fi-enabled system and the Current Backyard app for remote monitoring, recipes, and precise cooking control. This grill is also great for environmentally conscious consumers who prefer a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly option.

a photo of a plate with steak, corn and rice cooked on an electric grill with a glass of wine.End results from cooking on Current Model G Dual Zone Electric GrillGearBrain

Overall, suppose you are in the market for high performance, energy efficiency, and advanced features in an electric grill that offers remote monitoring and control, zero emissions, built-in smart meat thermometers, and innovative features like flavor trays and SmartClean mode. In that case, the Current Model G Dual Zone Grill is the smart electric grill I would recommend. Even if you were looking at a premium gas grill and want to save the environment, I would still suggest you take a good look at the Model G Dual Zone Grill or Griddle. Though it comes with a high initial cost and some limitations in assembly and app functionality, this grill offers a premium, eco-friendly grilling experience that justifies its price, making it a top contender in the electric grill market.


  • App Monitoring
  • Large Cooking Area (Spacious 425 square inches of cooking area)
  • Dual Zones
  • Built-in Smart Meat Thermometers
  • Energy Efficiency: (Produces zero emissions)
  • High Temperature (Reaches 700°F).
  • SmartClean Feature


  • Assembly Time Took longer than 30 minutes and required a second person.
  • App Limitations with a smart meat thermometer and recipe selection
  • Wired Thermometers: Wireless thermometers would be preferable for convenience.
  • High Cost
  • Heating Time: It takes up to 40 minutes to reach maximum heat, which is longer compared to gas grills.

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