McAfee tells us just how secure our smart devices are at home

McAfee tells us just how secure our smart devices are at home

GearBrain talked with security expert McAfee during our Facebook Live, Tues. October 16 at 2 pm ET

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While having a home filled with devices that talk to us, connect to family, keep our space secure and our lives organized is fun — some wonder, 'Just how safe are these smart home products?'

Sitting on a shelf, smart speakers and displays are fine. But the excitement kicks in when we connect these products to the internet: that's when their features, the reason we have them, come alive. Protecting that link online, however, is important — and making sure that only the information we want comes in and goes out as well.

McAfee, a computer security company founded in 1987, is pretty good at locking down devices that connect to the wilds of the internet. Smart home products, however, a posing a unique concern: with so many different companies, there are also many different ways they secure their devices.

For consumers who just want to turn on the lights, or ask about the morning weather, make dinner in a microwave or play with a new robot, security isn't always front of mind.

But on Tuesday, October 16 at 2 pm ET we talked with Gary Davis, McAfee's chief consumer security evangelist. Davis walked us through exactly why we need to keep out smart home products up to date with the best security options available — and exactly how to do that. So if you missed us — check out the video below to get his suggestions.

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