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Why it Might Not Be Clever to DIY Your Smart Home

DIY or professional installation: which way to go in building a smart home.

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In 2028, it's predicted that the number of smart homes in the US will hit over 105 million. Turning your smart home dreams into a DIY project might be exciting, but proceed cautiously. Before jumping in, consider the complexities involved; leaving it to a professional installer might be best. Many safety and security risks are involved with your system's installation and connectivity. Plus, if any issues occur, it might end up costing you more than hiring someone to do it for you.

If you're still insistent on taking it on yourself, here are some reasons why it might not be clever.

Not all devices are compatible.

If you're getting a smart thermostat from one brand and your smart speaker from another, you may find that they don't talk to each other. You'll then end up with devices not working together, which is frustrating. There might also be situations where you must purchase additional devices, software, or subscriptions to make sure everything communicates effectively. A professional installer can help you with all of this.

Vivint installing Nest Pro Thermostat on a wall.HelloTech Installers are very knowledgeable on both home security and home automation. Can help you install your Google Assistant smart home devices. GearBrain

Futureproofing your investment

You'll want to futureproof your investment to ensure all your devices remain functioning. New features and upgrades will inevitably be released in the future. Keeping each one up to date as needed will prevent costly replacements of the entire system.

Technical Know-how

Installing a smart home system without the proper knowledge could be a disaster. Even if everything is correctly connected, you may still encounter issues you don't know how to solve. You could be left with a smart home that doesn't quite work how you want, especially if you don't possess troubleshooting know-how. Different devices also require different internet speeds, which may be that yours isn't quite right.

Maintenance and long-term support

Are you starting to feel like the DIY route might not be for you? We might be able to cement your decision with this one. A reputable installer usually grants you access to routine maintenance and ongoing assistance. Even if this does come at an additional cost, you'll have peace of mind knowing you'll have access to help if you run into any issues. With advancements in tech being constant, you'll want to ensure you're staying on top of updates. This will keep the system running at its best.

Risks of cyber attacks and security issues

Every single hour, there are 14 attempted cyber-attacks on smart home devices. It's easy to miss out on essential security measures when installing your smart home. The risks are genuine, and hackers know exactly how to exploit poorly installed or unprotected devices. They could access bank accounts and monitor your smart devices remotely.

Expensive errors

If you lack expertise, you're putting your setup at risk of being subpar and not functioning as it should. You might also notice your utility bills are higher than expected if monitors and sensors aren't working correctly. With smart technology constantly involved, not having the input of a professional could also leave you with tech that's already becoming outdated, resulting in a costly system replacement further down the line.


Consider the risks if you're considering taking on your smart home as a DIY project. Initially, it might seem like a great idea, but remember you're investing money into your smart tech setup. You don't want to be left with an inefficient system that will need replacing down the line.

At GearBrain, our product find engine has almost every smart device you could need to run your smart home. From switches to pet devices, our platform can help you build your dream setup and ensure all your devices work seamlessly together. However, if you've decided to leave it to the professionals, we recommend you pick one of these smart home installers who can set up any smart device for your house.

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