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Apple releases iOS 12.0.1 so you can charge your iPhone again

The new update comes less than a month after iOS 12

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Just three weeks after Apple rolled out iOS 12, it's already updated the mobile operating system with version 12.0.1. Top of the list? An issue that caused some iPhone XS devices — and other iPhones as well (like ours)— not to charge, even when connected to official Apple chargers. (You had to wake up the screen to get the device to start charging.)

Other problems have plagued Apple users since iOS 12 rolled out, including a glitch where some iPhone XS devices connected to 2.4HGz instead of 5HGz. Some Bluetooth problems, where it appeared the network was not available, are also expected to be fixed, along with missing subtitles in certain apps.

On iPads, the new update also put the original position of the "?123" key back on the tablet's keypad.

The new update for iOS 12.0.1 is already ready for download, and should be available when your mobile device is connected to a power source. You can also go to Settings < General < Software update.

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