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EBO Air Smart Interactive Family Companion Robot Review

A smart moving robot with a built-in HD security camera and AI-Technology to detect persons, pets or objects day and night.

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At GearBrain, we have reviewed all types of smart HD security cameras. We have tested standalone indoor and outdoor smart security cameras that are either wired or wireless as well as security cameras with spot and floodlights attached. And we have even tested robot vacuums with security cameras built in. Now we just finished our first-ever review of a moving robot with a built-in 1080p HD video camera with night vision and AI motion detection called EBO Air. This smart roaming robot is a smart security device as well as a pet-friendly robot that can help you keep an eye on your home when away. We recently tested this robot in a real home and here is what we found.

What is EBO Air?

a photo of EBO Air Robot unboxedEnabot EBO Air Home Security Pet Camera Robot unboxed.GearBrain

EBO Air is a roving robot that has a built-in AI-powered security camera to help you keep an eye on what’s going on in your home when away. The robot comes with 1080p HD video resolution with 30fps, app control, night vision (infrared), two-way talk, and auto-charging. It also works on either a 2.4 or 5 GHz wireless Wi-Fi connection.

What makes EBO Air unique is how you can control it and where it can go in your home. By using the EBO app (iOS and Android), users can control where the robot goes by using the touchscreen on their mobile device. The app has remote controls for you to steer the EBO Air robot and more. The robot has real-time image transmission monitoring and high-performance TOF obstacle avoidance. This helps it avoid bumping into chairs when out on a customizable automatic patrol or in E-Pet mode which you set using the EBO app. Yes, you can set schedules when you want your EBO Air to canvas your home.

Photo of EBO Air on charging stationEBO Air charges just like a robot vacuum does, on a charging station you plug into a wall outletGearBrain

This moving robot comes with a charging station which is its home base. It functions just like the base for a robot vacuum. EBO goes to the charging station when low on power or you can direct it to the base using the app. The base gets plugged into a wall outlet and can charge your EBO Air within an hour when not in use. The robot has 2 hours of standby time. When you send EBO to its home base, EBO will announce its return in a high-pitch Japanese accent. It’s quite cute.

The Enabot EBO Air comes with 24-hour video recording which you store locally using an SD card (up to 256GB). The camera has a surveillance feature that can detect motion and sends an alert to your mobile device. It also has AI technology which allows the camera to identify whether the intruder is a pet, person, or family member. The camera will automatically start recording when motion is detected and can follow them around your home. Kind of spooky but effective.

For pet owners, the EBO Air comes with a laser that you can use to play with your pets when not at home. You can even capture videos when playing with them using the robot’s camera.

Is the robot loud when moving around our home? Not at all. The EBO Air is quite quiet thanks to its soundless brushless motor technology.

a screenshot of ebo app home screenEBO app is your remote control for EBO AirGearBrain

How do you set up EBO Air?

First, unbox the robot and make sure it’s charged. Then download the EBO Air app and register your robot. Then connect the robot to the EBO app and you are ready to go.

What features did we like about this robot?

We liked how easy it was to set up. It’s plug-and-play once you register your Ebo. We also found the navigating was a little tricky at first, but once we got the hang of it, there were no issues. What’s nice about the navigation is how this robot can combine movement, sound, and digital eye animations to perform life-like interactions. And can capture photos or videos while doing it. Using the app, you can choose either photo or video to record while moving the EBO around your home. Nice little security device to have especially when you want to secretly check in on the elderly or your kids when they get home from school.

When playing with our dog, Killian, at first, he was not sure about EBO and its laser light. But once we started moving the robot with the laser light. on, Killian got excited and was jumping around. He definitely got his exercise in for the day.

Screenshot of live video feed from EBO Air with controlsSometimes the controls appear on the screen while streaming live video from EBO Air are hard to see.GearBrain

If you don’t have a pet, there is a setting in the app to have EBO Air act as an E-Pet. We tested this feature and found the functionality to be limited. This does need some work. This robot is more effective when you use it as another security device in the home than as an E-Pet. Yes, it could help you keep an eye on your dog when not at home and play with them too. However, this robot is more effective when used to track visitors or when someone comes into their home. You can even talk to these visitors or unwanted guests just like you would through a video doorbell or indoor smart security camera like Nest Indoor Camera.

How was the sound when talking with someone through EBO Air? The communication quality was reasonable. Sometimes the connection was not as clear as others. Not sure if this had to do with our Internet connection, but there were times when EBO Air talked to us, and it was easy to comprehend. For instance, every time EBO started to return to the base, it announced it was going home loud and clear.

How fast can EBO move about? This smart robot can move about quite quickly. When playing with our dog, EBO traveled extremely fast across the carpet. It startled our dog at first. You can’t necessarily control the speed in the app, only the direction. However, if an intruder comes into your home, note the speed of this robot will come in handy, especially at nighttime.

store videos on EBO AirVideos and photos from EBO Air are stored locallyGearBrain

How much does EBO Air cost?

Enabot’s EBO Air costs $229 and is available on the company website and on Amazon. Is this a good price? If you look at the cost of pet robots on the market, like Amazon Astro ($1,599.99), EBO’s $229 MSRP is a good deal. If you look at the cost of a good Pan and Tilt Security Camera with 1080p HD video resolution, infrared night vision, two-way talk, and AI motion detection, (like Ezviz C6W Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera) these cameras start around $80 to $100 per camera. But they are stationary and will not cover as much ground as EBO Air. So, you would have to decide whether to buy 3 or 4 cameras ($240 and up) to cover the same areas as the $229 EBO Air Robot.


Who should buy EBO Air? If looking for a fun indoor camera to keep an eye on your pets as well as have a little play time when not in the house, EBO Air can work. It is rather an expensive robot, and it can’t go up or down stairs. But it can provide coverage of an entire floor in your home and there is no cost for storing photos or images. All are stored locally.

EBO Air also has decent night vision and can tell the difference between objects, people, and pets. Though the controls might be a little tough to operate in the app at first, you will get the hang of it in a short time.

Overall, EBO Air is a nice security device with a lot of potentials. We would not recommend it as an E-Pet since this feature needs work. However, we would recommend you look at it if in the market for a smart security camera that can travel. It can provide a different level of security for some smart homes, and you can easily communicate with your kids or grandparents if needed 24/7 in a unique and fun way.


  • Moveable robot security camera
  • AI-powered
  • Price (for robot and HD security camera)


  • E-pet functions limited
  • Short battery life
  • Controls take time to get used to maneuvering.

WINDEK Enabot Ebo Air Auto-Cruise Smart Pet Camera Robot, Wireless Moving Self-Charging 1080P HD w/Night Vision 2-Way Audio APP Remote Control Motion Detection Security Camera Robot

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