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Mac, Linux and Windows machines need to update Google Chrome

(And for this one, you may need to go into the Help section to push the update out.)

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Google has pushed out a new update for Chrome, its browser, again. The update, 90.0.4430.212, went live on May 10, and typically these new systems are automatically installed, or Google lights up your browser with a color-coded indicator at the top right.

This update, however, is not necessarily showing up that way, and instead right now may be found only through Chrome's Help section.

Yet, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, known as CISA, a federal agency under the Department of Homeland Security, pushed out an email alerting people to the update and encouraging anyone using Chrome for Windows, Linux and Mac to install this newest version of Chrome. "This version addresses vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit to take control of an affected system," wrote CISA in the email.

Google ChromeThe newest update was released on May 10iStock/Getty Images

Typically, Chrome users are alerted to an update by a virtual button, with the actual word "Update," printed inside on the upper right corner of their screen while using the browser. As Google explains, a green button means the update was released less than two days ago, yellow means it was released about four days prior, and red means it's been available for more than a week.

It's crucial to keep all apps, software, and other operating systems running the most up to date versions to keep your devices as digitally safe as possible.

Don't see the "Update" button yourself. (We didn't.) Here's how to push the update to your Chrome browser yourself:

  • Next to the image of yourself, click on the three dots on the upper right corner of the screen
  • At the bottom of the ope up menu, click on "Help"
  • From that pop up menu, at the top, click on "About Google Chrome"
  • If your browser is running the most recent build it will have a blue check mark and state, "Google Chrome is up to date."
  • If your browser needs to be updated, it will direct you to update the browser in the top field.

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