Google I/O 2021

Google I/O is teaching us to write in Fortran and we’re here for it

(And oh yes, Google's developers conference for 2021 is going to be free, online and and held May 18 through May 20)

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Google cancelled its developers conference in 2020 for the pandemic — but is re-opening the event for 2021 as a virtual happening, and everyone is invited for the event from May 18 to May 20, 2021.

You can get the details online, but what's even more exciting is Google dipped into teaching mode and unleashed four puzzles (five if you count the gate-keeper) to get people thinking about — and in — code, including one that pushes people to figure out how to code a punch card.

Google I/O is after all the conference meant to bring developers together to talk about software and programs. These are the people who write code, think about code, imagine what they want to create, yes, in code. Code is really shorthand for languages that make systems work and there are a lot of these from basic to Python, C++ to Java. Some of us may even remember making computers work by punching cards and sending them off to get a printed Snoopy or heart.

Google's tapping that nostalgia with some questions that are going to send almost everyone to, well, Google to figure out the answers — or even how to answer — the puzzles,

As for I/O 2021, people can sign up as long as they have a Google account. Workshops and sessions will be live-streamed across different time zones.

Typically, the event is about software and programs like Google Maps to the Google Assistant. But Google has used the event to unveil new hardware devices like the Nest Hub Max during Google I/O 2019.

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