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Alexa can now print shopping lists, worksheets, crosswords and more: Here's how

The Amazon assistant can print out sudoku puzzles, to-do lists and graph paper, too

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Thanks to a free new update, your Alexa voice assistant can now be asked to print out crosswords and sudoku puzzles on demand.

The assistant can also print out your shopping and to-do lists, as created in the Alexa app, or print out recipes, graph paper, lined paper, mazes to solve, pictures to color in, and worksheets for schoolchildren.

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Amazon says the new feature works with dozens of wireless printers from HP, Brother, Canon and Epson. You can find a full list of compatible printers here, or just say: "Alexa, discover my printer" to find out if yours works with the assistant.

Alternatively, open the Alexa smartphone app, then tap on Devices in the lower-right, followed by the + icon in the top-right, then tap Add Device. The feature, called Alexa Print, works with all second-generation and newer Echo smart speakers and displays.

Once discovered by Alexa and set up, all you have to do is ask the assistant to print something. This can be the shopping lists and to-do lists you have already created in the Alexa app, or by speaking to the assistant, or even a cooking recipe provided by AllRecipes. Just ask for a meal suggestion and it'll be printed.

We think the best features here are printing out daily crosswords, mazes and sudoku puzzles. What's particularly good about the former is how you can ask for the crossword one day, then ask Alexa to print out the answers the following day (or right away if you're stuck already). You can also ask for crosswords and their answers from the last seven days. Just say: "Alexa, print me last Sunday's crossword".

Printing commands now available with AlexaPrinting commands now available with AlexaAmazon

Amazon has partnered with JumpStart Academy to create worksheets for children, printed by Alexa. You can ask for worksheets for certain subjects or topics, like multiplication or the solar system, and state which grade is appropriate for your child.

For example, you can say: "Alexa, print a first grade addition worksheet," or: "Alexa, print a fourth grade solar system worksheet."

Lastly, Alexa can print out certain types of ruled paper. You can ask for a test page, graph paper, or simple lined paper for writing a letter.

Another bonus of connecting Alexa to your printer so that the assistant will let you know when ink levels are low, and offer to order some more. With the 'smart reorders' system Alexa can also be configured to automatically order more ink or toner when your printer runs low.

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