iPhone X Release: 7 major problems with Apple's $1,000 phone

iPhone X Release: 7 major problems with Apple's $1,000 phone

Reasons why you might want to wait on Apple's 10th anniversary smartphone

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For those on the fence about buying Apple's latest iPhone, there are good reasons to take a pass, or wait a few months to see how the iPhone X works. This is Apple's most expensive iPhone yet, starting at $1,000, and the first time the company has dabbled with facial recognition technology in one of its smartphones. (Samsung started the trend in 2016 with iris scanning in the Galaxy Note 7.) Apple is releasing the iPhone X October 27 for pre orders, but buyers may want to see how these problems resolve before getting one.

1. Apple's reportedly rushing Face ID components

To make its November 3 delivery date, Apple has told suppliers to trim Face ID, cutting its accuracy, says a report in Bloomberg. Apple has vigorously denied the story. But Apple's production problems have been reported for months, with known shortages expected in the first run of the device, and availability scarce until the new year. Even if Face ID is buggy, iPhone X users will still be able to unlock their devices the traditional way — using their passcode. But that's not what iPhone X buyers are expecting with their $1,000.

2. Woz is waiting

Yes, we consider the fact that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's decision to wait to buy the iPhone X a problem. Why? It's the first iPhone he hasn't bought on its launch day. He's stated while that his wife is going to upgrade to the 10th anniversary device — Woz is going to stick with his iPhone 8, he told CNBC, and watch how iPhone X does for a bit.

3. You're going to spend $1,000

The least expensive iPhone X is going to set you back $999 — before you pay any tax. Want the iPhone X with 256 GB? Now you're at $1,149. And no, that doesn't include Apple's wireless AirPods. Apple is shipping iPhone X with the lightning port connected EarPods — and we know how unpopular those have proven.

4. It's all-glass

The front and back of the iPhone X are all glass — there's just a slender bumper around the handset made of stainless steel. While Apple says the iPhone is extremely durable, drop tests of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8S (which also have a glass front and back) were not ideal. Buying Apple Care may be the best move here as coverage of the iPhone X will include two screen replacements for just $29 each. (That's a bargain.) But that's going to set you back $199. So congrats: You've now spent $1200 on your new phone and you still don't have wireless headphones. And you'd better buy an iPhone X case too.

5. Expect bugs

Early adopters, those who like to be first with new devices, know there may be problems. But if that's not you, consider waiting a bit for the iPhone X. (We don't expect Apple to pull this smartphone from its line-up.) Consider the issues surrounding the release of the Apple Watch Series 3, which has been buggy. Released on September 22, this is Apple's first smartwatch that works untethered from the iPhone. Many who bought the Series 3 spent consider time getting fixes pushed to their device. Consider if that's the trouble you're willing to go through with the new iPhone X at its start.

6. Reviews aren't out

Tech reviewers haven't put their stamp on the iPhone X yet. That often takes some time, and waiting for those reviews can help you decide whether the reasons for dropping $1,000 on Apple's most expensive smartphone is worth the spend — or not. Waiting may mean missing the chance to be the first on the block to flash techdom's newest toy. But the smartphone is hardly going away — and you may decide the upgraded features aren't worth spending extra for, at least right now.

7. The iPhone 8 is really good

Sure, people are trading in the iPhone 8 in droves. But save for Face ID, the iPhone 8 is serving up many great features. No you won't be able to animate a unicorn emoji with your face. However, both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8S support wireless charging and include the A11 bionic chip that's coming in the iPhone X. The rear camera on the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X are also about the same. Finally, the iPhone 8 series keeps Touch ID and the home button — both of which are gone in the iPhone X. That may be good or bad — but one thing's true, it's going to take some getting used to.

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