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Microsoft pulls Cortana app for iOS and Android devices

Support for the voice assistant's mobile app ends at today

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Microsoft shut down Cortana's mobile app today, ending support for the dedicated iOS and Android program.

The move comes just weeks after the company pulled its voice assistant from the only smart speaker where it lived, the Invoke by Harman Kardon.

Cortana has never grown into a dominant smart assistant like Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant nor even Siri, the voice assistant for Apple's products. Instead, Cortana has lagged in adoption, getting pushed further into a corner closer to Samsung's Bixby, as Microsoft has slowly pulled support for the assistant over the past few years.

Cortana alexaMicrosoft recently pulled Cortana from its only smart speaker, Invoke by Harman Kardon Microsoft

Voice assistants are a way for people to interface with features and tools, by just speaking aloud — whether that's asking Alexa to lock the front door at night or telling Siri to set an alarm on the iPhone. These smart assistants also make technology tools and devices more accessible to those who may not be able to type answers in to a physical keyboard, or see commands on a screen.

While Cortana is still very much in use on Microsoft's Windows machines, the smart assistant also had a home on smaller devices through an app that could sit on both iOS and Android products. That app support is now gone. Microsoft had pulled Cortana support for iOS and Android devices outside of the U.S. back in 2019, in countries including Canada, Australia, Germany, the UK and four others.

In its statement, Microsoft specifically warned users that content that had been created in Cortana, including reminders and lists, will not be found in the Cortana mobile app any longer, but can still be accessed in Cortana for Windows. Additionally, lists, tasks and Cortana reminders can still be used on a mobile device, but they're going to need to be synced in a different free app — one called Microsoft To Do, which can be added to a smartphone.

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