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Monster DNA Max Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Poolside Playlist Powerhouse: See how the Monster DNA Max can be your Summer Soundtrack Savior this year.

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Now that the holidays are behind us and we are moving forward into the new year, now is an excellent time to consider upgrading your portable wireless speaker. Portable wireless speakers offer many advantages that make them great companions for music lovers on the go. Key benefits of these wireless speakers include portability, wireless freedom, powerful sound, versatility, ability to come in all shapes and sizes, social music sharing, and convenience. We just finished testing a portable Bluetooth speaker that combines portability, sound quality, and versatility to create a fun and immersive listening experience wherever you go. It's the Monster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker, and here is our review.

What is Monster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker?

a photo of Monster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker on a countertopMonster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth and Omnidirectional sound qualityGearBrain

The Monster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker is an exceptional audio device that combines cutting-edge technology with robust design, catering to the modern lifestyle of music enthusiasts and adventure seekers. This speaker is engineered to deliver superior sound quality and convenience, ensuring a seamless and immersive audio experience at home, in the office, or on the go.

This portable wireless speaker comes with five key features:

  1. Wireless Bluetooth Streaming with 30 Ft Range: The Monster DNA Max offers advanced Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream your favorite music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device within a 30-foot range. This feature ensures a stable and uninterrupted connection, enabling you to move around without losing the quality of your audio experience.
  2. IP67 Waterproof: Designed for durability and resilience, the Monster DNA Max is IP67-rated, making it fully waterproof. This rating guarantees that the speaker can withstand immersion in water and exposure to dust, making it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures, beach outings, and poolside parties.
  3. Omnidirectional Sound: The speaker is equipped with omnidirectional sound technology, emitting sound uniformly in all directions. This feature ensures a consistent and rich audio experience, enveloping you in high-quality sound regardless of your position relative to the speaker.
  4. High-Speed Qi Wireless Charging Base: One of the standout features of the Monster DNA Max is its high-speed Qi wireless charging base. This innovative addition allows you to charge your compatible smartphones and other Qi-enabled devices simply by placing them on the charging base. It eliminates the need for carrying multiple chargers and keeps your devices powered up effortlessly.
  5. Built-in Ultra-Fast USB-C Port: Besides the Qi wireless charging, the speaker boasts a built-in ultra-fast USB-C port. This modern connectivity option provides an alternative and rapid charging solution for your devices, ensuring you're always connected and your gadgets are always ready to use.

How to set up your Monster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker?

a photo of Monster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker unboxed on a counterMonster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker unboxedGearBrain

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Setting up your Monster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker involves a few simple steps to prepare it for use. Here's an easy-to-follow guide to help you start enjoying your new Monster Bluetooth speaker:

  1. Unboxing and Initial Inspection:
    • Carefully unbox your Monster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker.
    • Ensure all components are present: the speaker, Qi wireless charging base (if included), USB-C charging cable, and documentation.
  2. Charging the Speaker:
    • Before the first use, it's recommended to charge your speaker fully.
    • Connect the USB-C end of the charging cable to the speaker and the other to a power source.
    • Alternatively, if your speaker model includes a Qi wireless charging base, place the speaker on the base to charge.
    • A light indicator typically shows the charging status.
  3. Turning On the Speaker:
    • Locate the power button on the speaker.
    • Press and hold the power button until you hear a confirmation sound or see a light indicator, signaling the speaker is on.
  4. Pairing with Bluetooth:
    • Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone, tablet, or other devices.
    • On the speaker, press the Bluetooth pairing button. You might hear an audio prompt or see a blinking light indicating it's in pairing mode.
    • Scan for available Bluetooth devices on your device and select "Monster DNA Max" from the list.
    • Once connected, you should hear a confirmation sound or see a steady light indicating a successful connection.
  5. Playing Audio:
    • Play audio from your connected device. You should now hear the sound coming from your Monster DNA Max speaker.
    • Depending on its design, you can adjust the volume and track controls from your Bluetooth-connected device or directly on the speaker.
  6. Using the Qi Wireless Charging Base (if available):
    • Place a compatible device on top of the Qi charging base to charge it.
    • Ensure your device is properly aligned with the charging coils for optimal charging.
  7. Exploring Additional Features:
    • Explore other features like omnidirectional sound and more.
    • Refer to the user manual for specific features and instructions unique to your Monster DNA Max model.
  8. Safety and Maintenance:
    • Keep the speaker away from extreme temperatures.
    • Clean with a dry cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals.

Always refer to the user manual provided with your Monster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker for detailed instructions and safety information. The manual will also provide guidance on troubleshooting and technical specifications.

Smart Home Integrations

The Monster DNA Max doesn't have direct, smart home integrations with voice assistants or other smart devices. For instance, It does not have Amazon Alexa built-in. Some might say this Monster speaker has smart features like Party Mode, Qi charging, hands-free calling, and the Monster DNA app, which offers some "smart" functionalities that work with your smartphone and enhance the speaker's overall experience. Then, if you use any voice platform like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone, which is connected to your Monster speaker, you could give the voice assistant a voice command and listen to the voice assistant respond through the Monster speaker. Remember, the Monster DNA Max doesn't have a microphone, so you can't talk directly to the voice assistants or any hub via the speaker.

Consider other more suitable options if you're specifically looking for a Bluetooth speaker with deep smart home integration and voice assistant control.

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How Much Does Monster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker Cost?

The Monster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker has an MSRP of $179.99 and is available on the company's website. It is also available for much less on Amazon and other online consumer electronics retailers. As of this writing, Amazon has the Monster DNA Max on sale for $128.99, 28% off.

Is this a reasonable price? It is a relatively high cost for a wireless Bluetooth speaker at $179.99. At this range, you will see portable wireless speakers from some leading speaker brands, like Bose, Ultimate Ears, and JBL. But at the lower price (Amazon's sales price), this is a good deal and worth the investment.

How did the Monster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker Perform during Testing?

a photo of the top of Monster DNA Max portable wireless speakerThe controls for the Monster DNA Max speaker are on the top of the device. Bluetooth light means the device is pairing to your smartphone or a Bluetooth compatible device.GearBrain

Over the past several months, we tested Monster's DNA Max speaker inside and outside. We used it to play music as well as listen to podcasts. We found the sound quality to be consistent every time we used it. The speaker delivered a balanced audio sound. Though some might say it's not at audiophile-grade levels, it was a high-quality sound for the average listener. With the omnidirectional sound and the ability to sync multiple units together for a distributed audio experience, these features helped improve our listening experience no matter where we were sitting or standing in relation to the speaker.

In terms of the setup process, there were no issues during the setup process. However, we were a little disappointed there was no app to control the speaker's sound mix. I like having an EQ built-in app to help you get the sound you want. Many Bluetooth Speakers in the same price range as the Monster ($200 range) offer these controls. Monster does have an app for its other smart home devices, but it doesn't work with the Monster DNA Max speaker. So, depending on what you like, more bass or treble, you cannot adjust the mix with this Monster speaker as you could with other app-controlled wireless speakers.

We did like the speaker's robust build and unique design. It comes with a Qi wireless charging base, which many might think would be prone to damage, but it held its own during our testing. Aesthetically, both the speaker and base have an excellent, sturdy design, which helps them withstand the banging that portable speakers experience when you carry them around. The speaker also comes with a carrying strap, which comes in handy and adds to the speaker's versatility. The IP67 waterproof rating was a major plus when we were at the beach listening to music, and it started to rain. With this rating, no worries if you accidentally drop the speaker in the pool or it gets wet at the beach. It can withstand falling into the pool or getting rain dumped on it.

a photo of Monster speaker sitting on top of the Qi Wireless charging base.The Qi Wireless charging base is a nice feature to have withh a Bluetooth speaker.GearBrain

As for the charging options, the speaker gets high marks for convenience and quickness. The fast USB-C connection and the Qi wireless charging base worked well. But a nice feature was the speaker's ability to serve as a power bank. This is something we haven't seen in many other portable wireless speakers. Doubling as a charging station for other devices is an added user benefit. We wish there were an app to monitor the power level in the speaker.

Overall, we have seen some other reviews talk about overly loud notifications for Bluetooth pairing and power on/off, the speaker not holding a charge, experiencing sound distortion at high volumes, or failing to turn on after minimal use. We did not experience any of these issues during our testing, but we wanted to ensure you were aware of these potential issues.

a screenshot of Monster appMonster does have an app but for its other smart devices and not speakers.GearBrain


The Monster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker is a fusion of exceptional sound quality, versatility, and ruggedness. Its wireless Bluetooth streaming capability and an expansive 30-foot range offer the ultimate convenience in music playback. The IP67 waterproof rating ensures durability and reliability in various environments, making it a perfect outdoor companion used around the pool or at the ocean.

The omnidirectional sound technology sets this speaker apart, offering an immersive audio experience equally distributed in every direction. Integrating a high-speed Qi wireless charging base and a USB-C port adds significant value to the speaker, making it not just an audio device but a multifunctional tool for your everyday life.

Whether you're hosting a party, traveling, or simply enjoying music at home, the Monster DNA Max Portable Wireless Speaker is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a portable, powerful, and versatile speaker that doesn't compromise sound or build quality. Suppose you are in the market for a portable Bluetooth speaker with high-quality sound, functional design, and the ability to deliver a reliable sound performance. In that case, Monster DNA Max is a good choice. While it has a few drawbacks and areas for improvement, it offers a full-bodied sound experience that many users feel is a worthwhile investment for a portable speaker. We recommend the Monster DNA Max, especially if you are looking for an excellent companion for beach trips and poolside entertainment.


  • IP67 waterproof rated
  • Omnidirectional sound
  • Double as a portable charger using USB-C ports
  • Qi wireless charging


  • Price
  • There is no app to adjust the sound mix or monitor battery levels

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