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a photo of Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier on a table

Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier: A Comprehensive Review

Discover the features, benefits, and user experiences of the Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier, an advanced solution for clean indoor air.

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Over the past two years, I have noticed smart air monitors morph into smart air monitors and purifiers. They no longer notify you when the air in your home is terrible; they will alert you and clean it. But with this evolution, I also noticed the devices are getting bigger. This poses a problem for homeowners since they have to find a place where the smart air purifier can clean the room while not overpowering objects. One company whose smart air purifier we recently tested came up with a novel idea and turned it into a piece of art to help it blend into the room's decor. Rabbit Air is the manufacturer of these smart air purifiers. See what else we found from testing their A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier these past few weeks.

What is the Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier?

Unboxing Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier​

a photo of Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier. unboxed


Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier unboxed

The Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier is designed to bring you the freshest air possible with unparalleled convenience and efficiency. This state-of-the-art purifier is equipped with next-generation HEPA filtration, ensuring the most effective capture of allergens and pollutants. This smart air monitor and purifier come with several key features, which I have listed below that make it unique:

Six-Stage Effective Air Filtration System: Our advanced BioGS HEPA filtration system is true-HEPA-rated, surpassing traditional HEPA filters with its proprietary fiber material. It traps allergens and particles as small as 0.3 microns with 99.97% efficiency and captures particles less than 0.1 microns at over 99% efficiency. This means it effectively handles common household allergens and pollutants, including:

  • Dust mites
  • Mold & Fungi
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • VOCs
  • Bacteria & particles carrying viruses

Smart Connectivity: Meet the brainiest air purifier yet: the A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier. You can monitor air quality and control purification remotely with wireless internet capabilities. Managing your air quality has never been more accessible at home or away. And if you are an Amazon Alexa home, you can enable the Rabbit Air skill in the Alexa app to use voice commands on your A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier.

Advanced Sensors: Equipped with highly sensitive odor and particle sensors, the A3 automatically adjusts its speed to maintain the freshest air quality. These sensors detect the amount of pollutants in your environment and respond accordingly.

Light Sensors: The A3's sensitive light sensor automatically reduces light pollution by dimming to a low-energy sleep mode when the room darkens. As daylight returns or light levels increase, the A3 resumes normal operation.

A photo of filter life control on Rabbit Air A3 purifierMonitor Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier's air filters in app or on the top controls.GearBrain

Ultra Quiet Operation: Enjoy the peace and tranquility of ultra-quiet air purification. Rabbit Cutting-edge Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motors are renowned for their quiet performance, working tirelessly and silently to keep your air clean 24/7.

Exceptional Value: Invest smartly in your air quality. The Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier is designed for low-cost operation, saving you an average of $805.30 over five years. Its filters can last up to two years with 12-hour daily operation, and the Energy Star-certified air purifier ensures minimal annual energy costs.

Effective Coverage Area: The A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier has two different coverage areas, regular and allergy suffers:

  • Everyday Residential Use (2 Air Changes Per Hour)
    • Standard: 1,070 sq. ft.
    • Artists Series: 1,030 sq. ft.
  • Allergy Sufferer (4 Air Changes Per Hour)
    • Standard: 535 sq. ft.
    • Artists Series: 515 sq. ft.

Unique Design: The Rabbit Air A3's design separates it from other smart air purifiers. Users can select from various artist designs to place on the front of the A3. The designs feature images by Katsushika Hokusai, Vincent van Gogh, and Jan Davidsz. de Heem, original designs by Rabbit Air's creative team, and Special Editions featuring Peanuts characters to add a bit of flair to your source of clean air.

The company offers standard black-and-white designs, but you can add any of the seven artistic designs, including cheery blosoms, waves, Irises, vases of flowers, and more. These designs can help you blend the air purifier into your room.

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How to set up your Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier

Rabbit Air app helps you setup your Rabbit Air A3Setup wireless connection for Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier two ways: via Wi-Fi or WPS in Rabbit Air appGearBrain

Getting your Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier up and running is relatively easy. It's plug-in-play once you get the filters in place and find the perfect placement for the smart air purifier. To help you see how easy it is, I have listed below a step-by-step guide for installing your Air 3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier:

Step-by-Step Instructions
  1. Unboxing
    • Unbox your Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier.
    • Ensure you have all the pieces and filters listed in the Quick Start Guide or User Manual.
  2. Check Filters
    • Verify that you have all four filters:
      • BioGS HEPA Filter
      • Activated Carbon Filter
      • Medium Filter
      • Pre-Filter
  3. Plug In and Select Mode
    • Plug in the air purifier.
    • Choose between auto and manual modes.
  4. Prepare Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    • Ensure your home Wi-Fi is enabled, and the internet is available.
    • Enable Bluetooth on your mobile devices.
    • Note: Rabbit Air only works on a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection. 5GHz is not supported.
  5. Download the App
    • Download the Rabbit Air App from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).
    • Ensure your mobile device runs iOS 13.0 or later or Android 7.0 and up.
  6. Create an Account and Connect
    • Create an account using the Rabbit Air app.
    • Follow the installation instructions in the app to connect with the Rabbit Air A3.
  7. Select Purifier and Connection Mode
    • Select your Rabbit Air Purifier in the app.
    • Choose the connection mode: either mobile or WPS setup. (Mobile setup is recommended.)
  8. Setup Time
    • The setup should take only a few minutes unless your home Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection is slow.
  9. Mounting the Unit
    • Once the A3 is connected and running, you can mount the unit on your wall.
    • Follow the wall mounting instructions in the User Manual.
    • Key points to remember for wall mounting:
      • Ensure the unit is securely fastened.
      • Mount it at a suitable height for optimal air circulation.
      • Avoid mounting it near obstacles that may block airflow.

By following these steps, your Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier will be set up and running in no time. It effortlessly provides clean, fresh air.

a screenshot of Rabbit Air app showing video tutorials for setup.Rabbit Air app comes with video tutorials to help you install your Rabbit Air air purifierGearBrain

How much does the Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier cost

The Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier has an MSRP of $749.95 and is available on the company's website and on Amazon. Is this a good price? The Rabbit Air A3 is priced towards the higher end of the marketplace for smart air purifiers. Reliable, lower-cost models range from $100 to $350 per unit and are offered by companies like Levoit, Blueair, and Coway. These budget-friendly options typically lack the advanced 4-stage filtration and ultra-quiet operation that more expensive models offer.

High-end models from brands like Dyson, LG, and Alen Air share some features with the Rabbit Air A3 but are generally more expensive. Considering the advanced filtration system, smart connectivity, and quiet operation of the Rabbit Air A3, its higher price is justified and represents a worthwhile investment.

Performance - How did the Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier perform during testing?

After testing the Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier in a normal home for a few weeks, I learned a lot about this smart air purifier. Based on my testing, here are the seven things I liked and two things I didn't like about the A3 smart air purifier:

What I Liked:
  1. Quiet Operation
    • The A3 operates incredibly quietly, making it perfect for any room, including bedrooms. Its near-silent function ensures undisturbed sleep, and the optional nightlight feature is a nice touch.
  2. Effective Filtration
    • The advanced filter system effectively kept the air in the room clean, even during allergy season. We had no issues with pollen, and the A3 maintained a healthy air quality throughout.
  3. Easy Installation
    • The setup was straightforward, with simple instructions. The user interface on top of the A3 provides easy operation, allowing quick checks on air quality, filter status, and mood lighting settings.
  4. Versatile Placement
    • You can mount the A3 on the wall or place it on the floor or a shelf. This flexibility helps in finding the perfect spot for it in any room.
  5. Child Lock Feature
    • The child lock is a fantastic feature, especially since the controls are easily reachable for little children. Thanks to this safety feature, my granddaughter couldn't turn off the air purifier.
  6. Filter Longevity
    • Despite the poor air quality this spring, the A3's filters held up well. With several allergy sufferers in the house, the air purifier kept our indoor air healthy around the clock.
  7. Design
    • The front design of the A3 is a novel idea. It helps the unit blend into the room decor better than many other smart air purifiers, though some might find the design less appealing.

A photo of Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier on a table.The front panel design helps separate Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier from other smart aire purifiers.GearBrain

What I Didn’t Like:
  1. Size
    • The unit is quite large, which might be a drawback for apartment dwellers. However, it compensates by effectively cleaning the air over 1,000 square feet of space in normal mode.
  2. Price
    • The A3 is priced on the higher side at $749.95. When compared to the Airthings Renew, which costs $399.99 and offers similar quiet operation and coverage (525 square feet), the A3's cost might seem steep.
  3. Lack of Google Assistant Integration
    • The A3 only supports Amazon Alexa. I would have liked to see compatibility with Google Assistant as well.

My overall impression: The Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier always maintains healthy air quality. Despite a few drawbacks, its quiet operation, effective filtration, ease of use, and versatile placement options make it a worthwhile investment for clean air in your home.

What Users Like About Rabbit Air A3?

I decided to take a look around to see what users were saying about Rabbit Air's A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier. And the findings were not surprising. Users appreciate the Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier's exceptionally quiet operation, making it suitable for bedrooms and quiet spaces. They commend its effective air cleaning capabilities, particularly during allergy season, and its ability to efficiently handle allergens, pollen, and smoke. The user-friendly setup, intuitive interface, and advanced features like Wi-Fi connectivity, air quality monitoring, and filter life indicators are highly valued. Additionally, the purifier's versatile placement options, aesthetically pleasing design, and child lock feature enhance its appeal.

Use Rabbit Air app to choose your customized filter.GearBrain

What Users Don't Like About Rabbit Air A3?

Some users find the Rabbit Air A3's large size unsuitable for smaller spaces and are concerned about its high price compared to other models with similar features. The placement of the control panel on the beveled top can be inconvenient, depending on the mounting height. The lack of Google Assistant integration is a drawback for some, and a few users noted that the purifier does not always eliminate odors completely, particularly in smoke-heavy environments. Additionally, there were mixed experiences with customer service, including issues with return policies and inconsistent support, which impacted overall satisfaction.


a photo of Rabbit Air A3 air purifier plugged in on the floorYou can mount the Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier on the wall or position it on the floor for optimal performance.GearBrain

Over the past two years, smart air monitors have evolved into devices that notify you of poor air quality and actively purify it. This advancement, however, has led to larger devices, posing a challenge for homeowners to find a suitable placement that doesn’t disrupt their living spaces. One innovative approach comes from Rabbit Air, which designed its A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier to blend into home decor by offering customizable front panels with artistic designs. After thoroughly testing the Rabbit Air A3, I found it to be an impressive and effective addition to home air purification systems.

The Rabbit Air A3 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier stands out with its next-generation HEPA filtration, smart connectivity, advanced sensors, and ultra-quiet operation. Its versatility in placement and unique design features further enhance its appeal. Despite a few drawbacks, such as its size and high price, the A3 easily maintains healthy indoor air quality. Both my testing and user reviews highlight its effectiveness in handling allergens and pollutants, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a reliable and aesthetically pleasing air purification solution.


  • Quiet operation
  • Effective cleaning
  • User-friendly interface and setup
  • Versatile placement (wall-mounting, floor, shelf)
  • Advanced filtering features
  • Unique front panel design


  • Price
  • Control Panel Placement for wall-mounting
  • Odor removal
  • No Google Assistant integration

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