Rocketbook Panda Planner

Rocketbook’s new planner is big, reusable and starts at just $35

Rocketbook teamed up with Panda Planner to make a planner that can be used monthly, weekly and daily

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As digital as our lives are, there are times when writing something down is just simpler, if not preferable. While many people lean on calendars stored online, others choose written planners — and now Rocketbook has a hybrid of both.

Working with Panda Planner, Rocketbook has created a reusable monthly, weekly and even daily planner. Called the Rocketbook Panda Planner, the book continues the same feature of all Rocketbook devices — people can write on it, send the data to programs like Dropbox and iCloud, and then erase the pages, to used it again.

Rocketbook Panda PlannerThe Rocketbook Panda Planner comes in two versions, a letter size and an executive size.Rocketbook

In addition to different sections for month, day and year deals, there are also other sections to keep track of projects and other goals, plus places to note accomplishments, track habits, and even jot down things you hope to do with family and friends.

Rocketbook devices, from the Rocketbook Think Board X2 to the Rocketbook Everlast, work with Pilot FriXion pens, markers and highlighters which are designed to be erased easily with a damp cloth. But the information inside can be sent to services as varied as Evernote to simple email messages, by scanning notes into the Rocketbook app which transcribes your handwriting into text.

There are seven symbols at the bottom of the planner, which people can use to assign to seven different services, like iCloud. By marking that icon on the bottom of the page, when it's scanned into the Rocketbook app, that content is then sent to the appropriate file.

The Planner goes on sale today in two different versions, an executive size with 32 pages for $35 and a letter size with 36 pages for $37. Also included is a Pilot FriXion pen and a microfiber cloth.

Rocketbook Panda Planner - with 1 Pilot Frixion Pen & 1 Microfiber Cloth Included - Teal Cover, Executive Size (6" x 8.8")

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