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SimpliSafe Introduces Proactive Live Guard Outdoor Monitoring

Revolutionizing Home Security with AI and Real-Time Intervention

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As a leader in smart home security, SimpliSafe has unveiled its new service, Live Guard Outdoor Monitoring, to selected customers, heralding a new era in crime prevention and home safety. The service employs a sophisticated mix of AI-driven technology and human expertise, setting a new benchmark for residential security solutions.

Every year, nearly 2 million Americans suffer the consequences of burglary and trespassing, encountering not only financial loss but substantial emotional distress. Traditional home security systems activate only after a breach occurs, often too late to prevent damage or loss. SimpliSafe's innovative solution transforms this paradigm by offering proactive outdoor monitoring to deter potential criminals before they can cause harm.

an illustration of how your home can be burglarizedSimpliSafe's Live Guard Outdoor Monitoring helps keep the outside of your home safeSimpliSafe

Live Guard Outdoor Monitoring is engineered to keep a vigilant eye on your property's perimeters. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, the system alerts SimpliSafe's monitoring agents when someone approaches, enabling them to intervene before the situation escalates. This could involve anything from issuing a verbal warning via the system's two-way audio to contacting local law enforcement.

Christian Cerda, the CEO of SimpliSafe, emphasized the shift from reactive to proactive security measures. "For decades, the home security industry has remained reactive, jumping into action only when a break-in is already in progress. SimpliSafe has set out to challenge this standard and to offer our customers new, more proactive ways to feel and be safe. Live outdoor monitoring is our latest breakthrough, combining AI and advanced technology with expert monitoring professionals to stop crime before it even happens. This is a true game changer in customer safety."

SimpliSafe app showing faces added to your SimpliSafe profile for live agent.Adjust profile to help agents and AI identify family and friends.SimplSafe

The system's operational backbone is its AI capabilities, which analyze approaching individuals and compare them against saved profiles set by the homeowner. If an unrecognized individual is detected, SimpliSafe's agents can immediately assess the threat level and respond accordingly.

SimpliSafe is committed to user privacy; customers have full control over camera monitoring and the management of personal data. The service allows users to customize privacy settings, including managing profiles and determining when cameras are active.

A screenshot of SimpliSafe app on a smartphone showing cameras for agents to monitorUse SimpliSafe app to help live agents monitor activity through your SimpliSafe camerasSimplisafe

Live Guard Outdoor Protection will be available to all customers later this year. It is part of SimpliSafe's Fast Protect Technology suite, which promises the industry's quickest detection and response times. Currently, the service is in the Early Access phase, allowing selected users to experience and provide feedback on the new technology.

For those interested in joining this pioneering approach to home security, more information is available on SimpliSafe's website. This innovative service enhances home security and gives peace of mind, knowing that your home is protected from threats and potential threats, setting a new standard in the home security sector.

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