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AARP talks smart tech, how it may help us live better, longer

Connected devices can help to bring dignity, and independence, back to our later years

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As people get older, it's not uncommon for them to need assistance, a fact the AARP knows well, an organization focused on its members can live well as they get older. On Tuesday, February 12 at 2 pm ET, AARP will join GearBrain live on Facebook to discuss the role smart device may play in that goal.

Aging can bring new and specific needs to people. Sometimes people require reminders to take their medication, or feel lonely seeking a connection with friends and family during their day.

Sensors, speakers and robots like ElliQ, pictured above, can offer support to people as they get older in their homeGearBrain

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As we bring more sensors, smart speakers, video cameras and even robots into our home, we're finding they can do much more than play music, bring up a recipe for rice pudding or alert us to someone outside our door. The technology is also bringing help and comfort to those who may live alone and — most keenly — to those who want to stay at home as they get older.

The AARP, a non-profit member organization, is focused on how smart devices, products that link to the internet, will be helping people, and its more than 38 million members, as they age.

They'll be joining GearBrain on Tuesday February 12th at 2 pm ET to talk about how smart devices will impact people as they grow older, and the role they may play in the home. We'll talk with the AARP about how people will be able to tap into the technology to connect more frequently with older family members, and even get them help when they need it.

To join in on the discussion, head to GearBrain's Facebook page when we go live. Ask questions so you can too can learn how technology may help someone you love, or even yourself one day in the future.

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