Tesla recalls 53,000 Model X and Model S cars

Tesla recalls 53,000 Model X and Model S cars

Brake issues are pushing Tesla into a voluntary recall of its pricey electric cars.

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Tesla Recalls Recalls are the itchy rash of the auto world: No one wants to have to deal with them, car companies and car owners alike. But Tesla's recall is fairly important, involving the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S where the electric parking brake sometimes doesn't release. Owners of those models built between February and October 2016 should take their cars in for inspection. The culprit involves a small gear that may fail. Tesla says there haven't been any accidents or issues involving the potentially malfunctioning gear—but wants to replace them any way.

Tesla is also involved in a couple of lawsuits: One is around Tesla's Autopilot feature which three Tesla owners who have filed the lawsuit say is both dangerous and malfunctioning, according to Forbes. The second lawsuit comes out of China, where an owner of a Model X says his Falcon Wing car doors didn't open after his car caught fire after crashing. (She and her boyfriend were sitting in the second row seats, according to electrek.)

Uber Naughtiness Uber's tracking of users—even those who had deleted its app—got the company into hot water with Apple which threatened to drop its app from the App Store. So says The New York Times which reports that Uber was hiding the app from Apple as they knew they were violating Apple's privacy rules. Uber had managed to get the unique identifier number for Apple devices (which Apple doesn't want developers to have, for obvious privacy reasons) which allowed them to keep track of their former users. Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick got called into the principal's office, well Tim Cook's office, and told to knock it off. Which, apparently, they did.

Hollywood + VR The movie industry is a big fan of virtual reality, dipping its toe in the water in movie shorts, and adopting the technology for entertainment add-ons. Charline Jao, our VR intern, took a look at how VR is pushing into the entertainment industry from Oscar-nominated animated shorts to virtual marketing campaigns for this summer's blockbusters.

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