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Elon Musk says Full Self-Driving Beta to roll out Saturday July 10. (Yes, tomorrow.)

Tesla should start to see the update roll out starting Saturday

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Elon Musk is claiming that the update said to give Telsa cars more self-driving abilities, is on its way, said to be available starting Saturday July 10. The update is a beta — meaning it's still a program that can be changed, tweaked — and likely will be. And that's something Musk, Tesla's CEO, is also making sure Tesla owners understand too.

The update, called Full Self-Driving Beta, and also referred to as Version 9, will hit cars as an over-the-air software update. But not everyone is going to be able to get this. Musk appears to be planning to watch how well the beta works for about a month before the update would go to a wider group of drivers.

While the name seems to indicate that the Tesla, using FSD, can run itself, that's not correct. A driver still needs to be behind the wheel — and ready to take control of the car — even through the car is said to be able to navigate lane changes and make turns. California's Department of Motor Vehicles is actually reviewing the system, and what it can do versus how it is advertised to consumers. Musk himself has said that creating self-driving technology has been harder than he first believed, hence the time it's taken — and the anticipation — for this most recent beta.

Tesla had already started to roll out past beta versions of FSD to small numbers of people, but this upcoming rollout is for the newest beta. The feature costs $10,000 to add as a one-time fee. Although Tesla is said to be putting up a subscription offer people can pay monthly.

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