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On Valentine’s Day, pets get more gifts than partners

Our furry friends have won our hearts

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As Valentine's Day swiftly approaches, our thoughts turn to who warms our hearts, and makes us smile when we come home from work — our pets. So it's no surprise than when it comes to buying gifts for our Valentines, more people are eyeing presents for their four-legged friends than a significant other.

That's the findings from Pet Cube, the smart security camera company, which surveyed those who own one of its devices. (Yes, we think the results might be a little skewed too.) While 55 percent of owners will be buying something special for their partner, 65 percent are getting a present for their pet.

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What's an appropriate gift for pets? That's not going to be chocolate and fine wine. But 30 percent are going to get a "yummy homemade treat," 54 percent will get a new toy, and 6 percent will play with a new gadget. (Hopefully not a robot vacuum, because we can attest that's one gadget not beloved but at least one canine we know well.)

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How much do we love our pets? Enough that one out of ten of us have ended a relationship for them, 66 percent have put off a vacation, and 22 percent use a photo of their pet in the dating profile image. (Which leaves us to wonder if that's a better option than the contents of our fridge.)

As for the pet vs partner balance, 83 percent think their dog or cat is a better cuddler, and 75 percent have more photos of themselves with their pet, than a significant other, on social media. And yes, more than half of us get very jealous when our pet shows more affection to our partner than to us. (The trick is bacon, it's always bacon.)

So this Valentine's Day, if you find yourself hovering more in the dog toy section than near the heart-shaped boxed of chocolates, just know you're not alone. In more ways than one.

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