Video: Buying Guide To Smart Leak Detectors

See how a leak detector can help keep you smart home safe and dry.

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Did you know that water damage is the number one home owner insurance claim—more than fire or theft? A large number of the insurance claims are due to floods and storms. But most involve simple things like a washing machine overflowing or a roof leak, along with general toilet, water tank, hot water tank or refrigerator piping malfunctions. These all can end up causing major water damage which can run you in the thousands of dollars.

How can you help prevent some of this from happening? Consider not just any leak detector, but a smart leak detector. It's a small, soap-sized white box that you place on a floor near a water-bearing fixture, usually running on long-lasting batteries, and similar to a smoke or CO2 detector. When water touches the leak detector, the device sends an alert to your smartphone, and may also trigger a siren or alarm. Many detectors also let you set a parameter, such as a minimum amount of water before an alert is triggered. That means you aren't alarmed by a simple spill or overflow.

GearBrain has created a short video to help you learn quickly on what a smart leak detector is, what it looks like and provides a few recommendations on which ones to buy. You can get more in-depth information from GearBrain's Guide To Smart Leak Detectors: Smart Leak Detectors Make You Aware If There's Water Water Everywhere.

If you need help in setting up your leak detector, we recommend you check out

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