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Yale Smart Safe with Wi-Fi Review

A smart connected safe that offers a secure and convenient way to store their valuables as well as a help you keep an eye on them while outside your smart home.

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As our homes become smarter and we look for additional ways to keep us safe, we must also consider securing valuables and important documents. Many consumers use home safes or lock boxes to keep their valuables safe and secure. Now, there are smart safes we can get for our homes that allow us to keep an eye on our valuables 24/7, no matter where we are. Earlier this year, we wrote about a new smart safe from Yale called Yale Smart Safe. The company sent us one to test, and here is what we found in putting it through our rigorous testing procedure.

What is Yale Smart Safe?

a photo of Yale Smart Safe with Wi-Fi box and Yale ConnectYale Smart Safe with Wi-Fi comes with a Yale Connect to help you get remote accessGearBrain

The Yale Smart Safe is a Wi-Fi-enabled safe that allows you to lock, unlock, and share access to your safe remotely using the Yale Access app. The safe features a secure door with two anti-saw bolts and an alarm that will sound after five incorrect entry attempts. It also has a door-activated light and a shelf for storing your belongings. The Yale Smart Safe is a great way to keep your valuables safe and secure.

Additional features of the Yale Smart Safe include multiple ways to lock, unlock, and share access to the safe. First, you can punch in unique codes on the built-in keypad or turn the physical key with the Yale Smart Safe. Users can also use the Yale Access app (iOS and Android) on their mobile devices and an Apple Watch. The safe has Apple HomeKit technology built-in to provide the ability to ask Siri to control or check the safe's status. Users can also add a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, which lets them control the safe from anywhere via the Yale Access app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant-enabled devices. Users can also monitor who accesses your safe and when through the Yale Access app activity feed.

a photo of the inside of the door for Yale Smart SafeYale Smart Safe has a strong build and you will find the Yale Access QR code on the inside of the door.GearBrain

One important feature you need to be aware of when looking for any safe is its build. What materials was the safe made with, and is it strong enough to prevent a break-in? With Yale's new smart safe, you have no worries. It is made of steel and has a set of hardware security features, including an anti-pry laser-cut door, two anti-saw bolts, and alarms that will make it hard for anyone to break in. The safe is not small, either. It comes in a black finish and has exterior dimensions of 11.8" x 13.8" x 9.8" and interior dimensions of 9.5" x 13.6" x 9.7". Additional features include an easy setup, door-activated light, an optional shelf, interior key hooks, and pre-drilled holes for mounting (if desired).

Also, if anyone tries to tamper with your safe, beware. A sound. will go off if someone tampers with or tries to enter the incorrect code. The safe will lock down for five minutes after five incorrect unlock attempts. When this happens, the owner will receive an in-app, real-time notification. You will also get alerts whenever the safe is unlocked via the Yale Access app.

Additional security features include two-layer encryption, two-factor authentication, and a feature to disable the safe if you lose your smartphone. You can also set up Verified Access to require biometric verification when unlocking the safe on the Yale Access app.

a screenshot of settings for Yale Smart Safe iin the Yale Access app settings for Yale Smart Safe iin the Yale Access app GearBrain

How does the Yale Smart Safe Connect?

Yale's new Smart Safe works on both a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. If you plan to use Bluetooth, no additional devices are needed for at-home operations and monitoring. All versions of the Yale Smart Safe work on Bluetooth. You must get the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge if you want Wi-Fi connectivity. This provides connectivity between you and the safe no matter where you are outside your home.

Another way you can stay connected with your Yale Smart Safe is by using Apple HomeKit technology. As mentioned in the review, all Yale Smart Safes have Apple HomeKit built-in. You can enable HomeKit and Siri operations with an Apple hub such as a HomePod, HomePod Mini, or an Apple TV.

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How to install Yale Smart Safe?

At GearBrain, this is the first smart safe we had a chance to test of this size. And after trying it, we can see it's almost a plug-and-play setup process. The Yale Smart Safe with Wi-Fi was the unit we tested, and it came with a Yale Smart Safe, Yale Connect Mounting Hardware, 4 AA Batteries, Physical Key, and an owner's manual. Once you unbox your safe, download the Yale Access app and select Set up Device in the side menu. You will need to scan the QR code on the safe. It is found on the inside of the battery cover, which you will need to add the 4 AA batteries. This will get you access to the setup instructions which you should follow. They are easy and will take you only a few minutes to complete.

Screenshot of Yale Access app for installing the Yale Smart Safe`Follow the Install Guide in Yale Access App for easy setup of Yale Smart SafeGearBrain

How much does the Yale Smart Safe Cost?

Yale's smart safe has an MSRP of $249 (Bluetooth version) and $299.99 for Wi-Fi. Both are available on the company website and on Amazon. Note that Yale Connect has an MSRP of $79.99.


After testing this smart safe for a few months, we got a good feeling about how this smart security device performs in today's smart home. We had no issues with the Wi-Fi connectivity. We moved the safe around our home and put it inside closets, downstairs in the basement on a shelf, and on a desk in our home office. At each placement, we had no issues locking, unlocking, or accessing the safe remotely.

Regarding the build of the safe, it is solid. The door on the safe had two anti-saw bolts, providing added security for our valuables inside. We also liked how and when the door opened, and the light was activated, making it easy to see inside the safe when you open it. And speaking of opening it, we liked how the Yale Access app allows you to share access to the safe and monitor when it's accessed.

Another nice feature we liked with the Yale Smart Safe was the alarm system which sounds after five incorrect entry attempts to deter unauthorized access. The alarm was loud enough to hear outside the home, which was good.

a photo of Yale Smart Safe opening with light onYale Smart Safe can be opened using a mobile app, key, codes and voice.GearBrain

The only issue we had with the safe was the interior size. We wished it was a little bigger. The current size is suitable for storing jewelry and important documents, and an internal shelf provides additional storage space. However, if you have a lot of documents, you want to keep or maybe bulky items like an antique camera or tablet; this space will be too small.

Lastly, we have tested Yale smart devices for years, including August Home devices, which Yale bought years ago. The Yale Wi-Fi Connect plug is an excellent smart device that makes it easy for the Yale smart lock owner to turn their Yale Smart Lock from a Bluetooth device into a Wi-Fi Connected device. And we know some people would like to see a Yale Smart Safe with Wi-Fi built in instead of having to pay extra for the Yale Wi-Fi Connect. We advise these users to use an Apple TV or Apple HomePod mini as the hub for the Yale Smart Safe (Bluetooth version). Your Yale Smart Safe will connect to Apple devices via Bluetooth and provide you with remote access when you are outside your house. However, if you are not an Apple user, you don't have many other options for remote access without getting the Wi-Fi Connect.


As we mentioned earlier in our review, this is the first smart safe we tested, and we liked it. It's got a solid build to withstand any tampering with or break-ins by unwanted guests. It seems strong enough to hold up in case of a fire. The light inside the safe was a nice touch, along with the interior shelf. Connectivity was good, even in the basement. We also liked how you can integrate the safe into your smart home system using Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant as your hub.

Overall, the Yale Smart Safe is an excellent option for those looking for a secure and convenient way to store their valuables, like jewelry and important documents. If you want to store more oversized items, this is not the smart safe for you. However, if these are the type of valuables you want to keep safe and secure, then Yale Smart Safe is for you. It is easy to use and will give you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are protected from almost any event or person.


  • Strong Build
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant-enabled devices
  • Tampering Sounds and remote monitoring via Yale Access app


  • Expensive
  • Interior size
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