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Your Google/Nest display just got 10 free new games and quizzes

Just in time for the holidays, Google adds 10 new games to its smart displays

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Google has added 10 free new games to its Home and Nest smart displays, playable by speaking to the Google Assistant.

A Google or Nest smart display might not be your first choice when it comes to playing games at home these holidays, but for simple word puzzles, trivia quizzes and brain-training games, their small screens and simple interfaces work well.

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Google's smart display system, as used by the Home Hub and Nest Hub Max, already had 20 games to play, and this week 10 more were added. To get started, just say: "Hey Google, let's play a game" and a selection will appear for you to pick from.

The new titles include Horizontal Crosswords, a fast-paced crossword game that is loaded with new puzzles to solve every day. Working against the clock, you are given a series of clues to help, and you just have to say the word to input; no typing or spelling required.

On a similar theme, there is also Game of Words. In this game you are given six letters and tasked with making as many words as you can; like Scrabble, the longer the word the more points you are awarded. As well as playing against yourself, your score will be compared to other players around the world.

Other games for wordsmiths include a pair of fantasy titles called Voice Quest and Power of Words, and coming a little later will be Daily Word Wheel from Zynga, where crosswords are solved by unscrambling letters.

If linguistic challenges aren't for you, Google and Nest smart displays now also have Daily Brain Trainer, which features quick daily puzzles to test memory, reaction times and pattern matching skills. Your score can be compared with other players, and the more you get right the more puzzles unlock.

Also coming to the smart displays is Brainwash Puzzle, which flashes up a series of pictures then asks you to spot the common theme as quickly as possible.

Finally, and with the holidays just around the corner, Google has added some games and experiences for young children, called My Smart Pet and Hey Fish.

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