6 best fitness trackers for gym rats

You've got your workouts down — why not track them too?

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Between the stress of work and life in general, running and lifting can be great relievers and activities to help you decompress. For those who wouldn't imagine skipping out on their trainer, working out with a favorite app or missing a cycling class, tracking your progress only adds to the experience. A little healthy competition with yourself is always a solid motivator. So here are six fitness trackers for the gym rat in all of us.

Fitbit Zip


If you hate the bulky, clunky style of fitness trackers, the Fitbit Zip offers a well-designed alternative. The device looks like the original Fitbit, but now comes in a clip-like shape. Secure it on your shorts, belt, or even undergarment and it'll pretty much work the same way. The Zip tracks steps, distance and calories, plus it has a wireless connected, a six-month battery life and a large tap display.

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Wearing cool gadgets may help step up your workouts, and also perhaps make you feel a bit more stylish as you sweat.

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