best home bartender kit

The best high-tech bartender kit for your home bar

How to brew your own beer, pour the perfect glass of wine, and make swoon-worthy cocktails at home

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Why bother to shake or stir when there's a smarter way to deliver the drinks? Here's how to turn your home bar high-tech with smart gadgets that will do the watering hole work for you. All you need to do is sit back, sip and cheers to a more creative way to do cocktail hour as you unleash your inner mixologist the modern way.

LG HomeBrew

In two weeks, your own home brew is ready to pour from LG HomeBrew


A six-pack from the store may be satisfying, but a home-brewed craft beer is so much better. LG HomeBrew is coming soon, something like the Keurig of kegs with single-use capsules. Not only will you be able to easily make a batch of beer at home, but as it ferments and ages, you can use your app to keep tabs on the "percolating" process. Sure, if you're in the mood for a beer, starting from scratch won't quench your thirst immediately, but that DIY pride will be worth the wait. GearBrain has more on the beer-making system to see.

Coravin Model Eleven

best home bartender kit coravin model eleven

The Model Eleven from Coravin aerates your glass of wine perfectly


For the true wine connoisseur who cares about quality from cork to "clink," the $1000 Coravin Model Eleven is the smart choice in smart sipping. Bluetooth connected and beyond compare, this wine system does everything from pressurizing to aerating to even providing the perfect soundtrack to set the mood as you sniff and swirl, complete with a display base and carrying case.

Forge Clear Ice

best home bartender kit forge clear ice

Forge Clear Ice creates the perfect clear ice for your cocktails in minutes


Cubes are so last century. Your drink deserves a sphere of sophistication that only comes from crystal clear ice that's free of impurities and super dense, making each sip supreme. Forge Clear Ice is an expensive, but innovative solution for those who love a wonderful glass of whisky that tastes and drinks like it was intended. This $1500 machine makes perfect globes of ice and can even press custom logos and designs onto them for parties and events. It may be a lot cheaper to freeze some tap water the old-fashioned way, but for those who fancy the finer things in life, Forge Clear Ice is an investment in ice-making. Learn more about the gadget on GearBrain.

Bibo Barmaid

best home bartender kit bibo barmaid

You can do eight cocktails in a row with the new Bibo Barmaid


Have more time to mix and mingle when Bibo Barmaid is the $150 smart barback you can bet on. Simply choose your drink, add a shot of liquor, and pull the lever. No more measuring, and more time meeting and greeting. Invite your friends over and fill 'er up for eight cocktails at a time. In 20 seconds flat, your glasses will be full and you won't even have to leave a tip.

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Pico Pro

best home bartender kit Pico Pro

Create your own custom beer blends with the Pico Pro

Pico Pro

For more beer brewing fun at your fingertips, Pico Pro is a countertop creation from PicoBrew, making the art of beer making more hands-on than ever. This $600 connected beer brewer does take a week for the mouthwatering results of the easy-to-do home brewing process, but the freshness can't be found in a tin can. You can customize your creation or choose an award-winning recipe Pico provides.

Available on Amazon


best home bartender kit bartesian

The Bartesian works with single-serve capsules so cocktails are always perfect


Cocktails on demand? Saddle up to your home bar for a new way of mixing martinis and serving up "Sex on the Beach." Also a single-serve capsule creation, Bartesian crafts premium cocktails with the perfect measurements at the push of a button. No more spills or slip-ups, too strong or watery-weak drinks. With Bartesian, the mixologist is a no-mistakes machine. All you need to do is supply the snacks, and pre-order this $299 single-serving cocktail press now.

Gig Home Cocktails Machine

best home bartender kit gig home

You fill Gig Home with up to eight different liquors, and with a few taps you get a mixed drink in your hand

Gig Home

Make cocktails at home better than anything you'd get at a bar with Gig Home Cocktails Machine. Their original design was larger and created for business use, but they've sized it down to suit the needs of the home bar. Up to eight liquors, juices, syrups, etc. get fed into the machine and will a few taps, your mixed drink is served. Sleek and sufficient, Gig Home even connects to an app for more convenience. Cocktails have never been so clever.

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