How Wi-Fi can tell who is moving around in your home

How Wi-Fi can tell who is moving around in your home

GearBrain talks with motion technology expert Cognitive Systems during our Facebook Live, Tues. October 23 at 2 pm ET

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Motion detection is a common piece to home security systems. There are sensors that can read if glass has broken on a window, a door has opened — and cameras that pick up movement as well.

New technology is reading movement across radio frequencies, pulling this information from data coming off Wi-Fi. Our homes are full of Wi-Fi signals. It's how we makes wireless connections from our computers and phones to the internet. Smart home devices also tend to connect over Wi-Fi when sending data up to the cloud, or from your app back to them.

Taj Manku is at the forefront of this new tech. As the CEO and co-founder of Cognitive Systems, he's looking at the future of motion technology — and how this could work without having to install another security camera, sensor or hub.

Manku is joining GearBrain next Tuesday October 23rd at 2 pm to talk about motion technology, how it differs from what we use to read motion today, and the role this tech will play in our smart homes in the future — including the ability to tell if it's you at home pouring a cup of coffee or your cat playing with a toy mouse.

Whether you're a home owner or renter, everyone is interested in knowing how to keep their space secure. So join us next week on GearBrain's Facebook page to learn more about motion detection, and how you might be able to use it without have to install yet another gadget in your space.

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