Disney Invests in VR around new ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ flick

Disney Invests in VR around new ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ flick

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Disney is hardly a stranger to the entertainment world, but a new virtual reality attraction may be a unique turn for its theme parks in California and Florida. Some people in the Sunshine State are also getting a chance to test drive a new self-driving car service when it shops for online groceries at Walmart, and a new feature from Android may actually help remind people to wake up and get that order in before they leave for work.

Disney unveils plans for VR attraction

Disney has plans to launch a new virtual reality attraction in both its Disney World and Disneyland theme parks. Based on Disney's new film "Ralph Breaks the Internet," the experience will be played in a space the size of a warehouse, and allow four people, 25 minutes to simultaneously play in the Ralph universe. Tickets just for this attraction will be about $30 per person.


Walmart and Ford pair up for grocery delivery

The only thing better than cheap groceries is having someone deliver cheap groceries straight to your home. Ford wants to make that wish a reality. The car company has teamed up with Walmart and Postmates to test a grocery delivery service in Miami that uses Ford's self-driving cars to deliver Walmart groceries to consumers. Customers will be able to order the groceries online and a Walmart employee will shop for the items and place them in the autonomous car for immediate delivery. Ford hopes to expand the trial to more cities.


Android wants to help you wake up

Waking up is no easy feat, especially during the school or work week. Google wants to help people with their morning routine, and its latest innovation does so with a single touch. Google Assistant transforms Android phones into the ultimate wake up companion with a setting that turns on lights, reads the morning news, begins making your coffee and more, all when the alarm goes off. Depending on what smart devices you have in your home, you can even adjust the temperature and play music.


Samsung invests in mind control

Samsung is investing in mind control technology with through Project Pontis, focused on helping people who may have difficulties physically holding TV remotes. Its prototype tracks the viewer's eyes to determine which movie or show they want to watch. Over time the technology can make suggestions that cater to what someone typically watches. Samsung is are also using the technology to test brainwave-reliant devices for those who cannot rely on their eyes. A brainwave prototype will begin testing at the beginning of 2019.


Fire a taser, call the police

Gun safety has been making headlines around the country, but now companies are zeroing in on another type of weapon safety. Axon's latest gadget upgrade is the Taser Pulse+, a stun gun that will automatically alert the police when it is fired. To use the device, simply download the Noonlight application. It will connect to your gun, provide police with your GPS location and even allow you to place a call if you do not need assistance. The Pulse+ is available for preorder for $449.


Netflix tests out solo mobile plan

Netflix has a new plan for those in the Malaysian market who just want to use the streaming service on their mobile phones or tablets. The plan costs $4 a month and will allow SD-limited streaming on one mobile phone or tablet. The newly tiered option has debuted in a few other countries, as well as part of the company's push to gain a larger audience in Asia.

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