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Image of the BMW Vision M Next concept car

Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 preview: The new EVs and hybrids to get excited about

All of the electric cars and hybrid we expect to be revealed in Germany on September 9 and 10.

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The 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show will be home to a wide range of new announcements from the world's car makers.

But key to this year's show will be the first look at the production-ready versions of several new electric cars. These include the electric Mini, Honda's retro E, the Volkswagen ID 3, and the Porsche Taycan.

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Together, these vehicles will represent the forefront of the mass-produced electric car market for the next 12 months and beyond. The Mini and E will be aimed at the lower end of the market, while the ID 3 will surely give the Tesla Model 3 something to think about, and the Taycan will satisfy the upper realms of the luxury EV market - and with a circa $150,000 price tag to match.

Here is a quick look at all of the electric and hybrid cars we expect to see at Frankfurt this year.

BMW Vision M Next

BMW Vision M Next concept carBMW Vision M NextBMW

Already revealed online earlier this summer, the Vision M Next is a new hybrid concept car by BMW. Its design harks back to the M1 supercar of the late-1970s, while also giving more than a subtle nod towards the company's i8 hybrid sports car.

The i8 has been with us since 2014 and has only seen a small facelift in that time. We therefore hope that the Vision M concept will morph over the next year or so into the next-generation i8.

In concept form, the car is powered by a petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain producing 591 horsepower - a healthy upgrade on the i8 which we hope makes it to production in the first half of the next decade.

Cupra Tavascan

The Cupra Tavascan electric concept carThe Cupra Tavascan has a claimed 280-mile rangeCupra

Cupra is a sporty spin-off from Seat, the Spanish carmaker owned by the vast Volkswagen Group, and in Frankfurt it will show off the new Tavascan, an electric crossover SUB concept.

The car has around 300 horsepower and promises a driving range of up to 450 km (280 miles) from its 77kWh battery pack. The car's sharp, aggressive design is at odds with other crossover SUVs offered elsewhere in the Volkswagen family, and it sets out a clear message for the new Cupra brand - it wants to stand out from its siblings.

Although a concept car for now, Cupra is being fairly sensible with its performance claims. The Tavascan's 0-60mph time is a claimed 6.5 seconds, and that 280-mile range is a result of the WLTP test cycle, not just something the marketing department has made up, as it sometimes the case with concept cars. Inside, the car has a 13-inch touchscreen which can be turned towards the front passenger for a better look, and the trim includes carbon fibre, leather and Alcantara, suggesting Cupra wants this to be seen as a sporty EV despite the bulk.

Honda E

Photo of the Honda E electric carThe Honda E electric car is ready to go into mass productionHonda

It's a couple of years now since Honda first wowed us with its adorably retro Urban EV concept. Now, finally, the car is ready to go into mass production. Some of the retro quirkiness of the original show car has been lost, as if so often the case, but what's left is still a fun-looking electric car which we have no doubt will prove popular in European cities.

Customer deliveries are set to begin in early 2020, and the car has already received thousands of pre-orders in the UK alone. Honda says it is going after the well-heeled iPhone-owning crowd with the E, but wants to keep the car small and city-friendly. As such, it is expected to cost in the region of €30,000, which may sound steep for a car of this size and with a range of just 125 miles from its 33.3kWh battery.

Hyundai '45' EV

Teaser image of Hyundai 45 concept carThe 45 is an electric concept car by HyundaiHyundai

Hyundai will use Frankfurt 2019 to reveal a new electric concept known for now as the 45. Details are scarce for now, but the company said in August how the car will be fully-electric and "act as a symbolic milestone for Hyundai's future EV design."

The concept, Hyundai added, "accentuates the forward-driven design direction while exploring the evolution of Hyundai's 'Sensuous Sportiness' design language."

A teaser image shows the rear of a car which features LED lights, wide wheel arches, a shallow glasshouse, and '45' also illuminated by LEDs.

Hyundai is also expected to show off a new all-electric race car at the show.

Lamborghini Sian hybrid

The Lamborghini Sian hybridJust 63 examples of the Sian hybrid will be producedLamborghini

Yet to offer any EV or hybrid across its range, Lamborghini has remained firmly in the old school supercar camp while rivals McLaren and Ferrari have adopted the new technologies. But that is set to change at Frankfurt 2019, with the introduction of a Lamborghini hybrid hypercar called the Sian.

Revealed on September 3, the new limited-edition car takes the company's existing 6.5-litre V12 petrol engine, increases the power from 759 to 774 horsepower, and throws in a 48V electric motor for good measure. That motor produces 34 horsepower on its own, for a total combined output of 808 horsepower. The motor is connected to the gearbox and is intended to be used for reversing and low-speed manoeuvres.

Instead of storing energy in a lithium battery, the Lamborghini Sian uses a supercapacitor which is three times as powerful as a battery pack of the same weight. The supercapacitor is recharged using a regenerative braking system, as per other hybrids and electric cars. The energy can then be used while parking and reversing, or as a power boost at speeds of up to 81mph.

Just 63 examples of the Sian will be produced, and they had all been sold ahead of the car being revealed to the public this week.

Mercedes EQV

Photo of the Mercedes-Benz EQV electric minivanThe EQV is an electric Mercedes minivanMercedes-Benz

Less exciting but certainly more practical os the EQV from Mercedes-Benz. A concept version of the electric minivan was shown off at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and at Frankfurt we'll get to see the production-ready EQV.

The van is expected to offer a range of 252 miles, and with the batteries located in the floor, the van's interior can be offered in several different configurations. This means buyers can pick up an EQV with eight regular seats, or specify a more luxurious six-seat option with more space and refinement.

Mercedes ESF 2019 concept

Photo of the Mercedes ESF concept carThe ESF is a look at future safety systems for autonomous carsMercedes=Benz

Announced in May but yet to be seen in public, the ESF is a concept from Mercedes to showcase future safety systems designed for autonomous vehicles.

Mercedes said at the time how different safety considerations will need to be mad as vehicles become self-driving, and their interiors change as result - such as a driver's seat turning around to face the rear passengers when the vehicle is in autonomous mode. The pedals and steering wheel are also safely retracted in a bid to prevent injury when the car is driving itself.

The vehicle also looks to explore how empathy and trust are communicated by an autonomous car to other road users.

Mercedes EQS

A third Mercedes to be shown in Frankfurt is an all-electric concept known as the EQS. The car was teased by Mercedes on twitter just as Porsche revealed its electric Taycan in the days leading up to the show. The EQS is expected to go on sale in 2021 and will be a luxury electric sedan to rival the Jaguar I-Pace, Tesla Model S, and the upcoming electric Jaguar XJ replacement.

Mini Electric

Photo of the Mini ElectricThe Mini Electric will go into production in NovemberMini

One of the most hotly-anticipated electric cars of the year is the Mini Electric. To join the current range of Mini hatchbacks powered by petrol engines, the Electric uses a three-door configuration and has a range of between 124 and 144 miles.

Borrowing the same electric platform as the BMW i3, the Mini's designers have chosen to side with the familiar instead of going all-out on a futuristic new design. The company will hope this familiarity will help win over drivers who are perhaps unsure about electric cars, but have their hearts set on a Mini.

Price is also important here, as the Mini Electric will cost slightly less than an equivalent-spec petrol Cooper S, by starting at around £24,400 in the UK. Production is due to begin in November.

Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan Turbo SThe Taycan is priced at up to $150,000 for the flagship Turbo S modelPorsche

Higher up the electric car pecking order is the Porsche Taycan, which will be shown off in its production-ready form in Frankfurt. The car is closely related to the Mission E concept from 2015, and will be Porsche's first all-electric car.

Offering the driving position of a 911 sports car, but with the practicality of the company's Panamera, the Taycan is aiming to strike a balance between performance and sensibility. That said, with power output expected to be well over 600 horsepower - and a 0-60mph time of about three seconds - the 750-horsepower Taycan will pose a serious threat to the Tesla Model S, albeit with a far greater price tag.

The Taycan is the first car to come from a huge investment in electrification by Porsche. The VW-owned firm has invested billions of Euros and built an entire new factory to produce the Taycan, and a second vehicle based on the same platform is expected to follow shortly after.

Volkswagen ID 3

VW ID 3The ID 3 will be fully revealed in FrankfurtVolkswagen

Finally, another big-hitter at Frankfurt will be the ID 3, the first purpose-built electric car by Volkswagen. The compact family car has a range of between 205 and 342 miles depending on which variant you buy, and prices are expected to start at around €25,000. A broad range of prices and performance options will see the ID 3 become a close rival to the Mini Electric, Honda E and Tesla Model 3.

VW is also expected to use Frankfurt to reveal a new ID electric concept, which is said to be a compact crossover with prices starting even lower than the ID 3.

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