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GE Lighting

CES 2022:  GE Lighting Adding More Smart Devices to Cync Lineup

GE Lighting is growing it's Cync ecosystem with the addition of smart security cameras, smart thermostat and more

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At CES this year, we met with GE Lighting to learn more about their growing lineup of smart devices for their new brand, Cync. And what we learned is GE Lighting is no longer just a lighting company. They are becoming a manufacturer of smart devices that includes smart security cameras, smart thermostat, smart temperature sensor and of course smart lighting. And all of these devices are designed to work seamlessly together and provide the experiences we expect from these connected devices.

Here is a look at the new Cync devices which will work together via the Cync app, powered by Savant to automate temperature inside the home, as well as security and lighting inside and out. (Note: The app was honored by CES 2022 with an Innovation Award.)

"The 'smartest' smart home consists of a network of reliable products that work together seamlessly and are easy to install and use, for the ultimate in convenience, comfort and security," said Paul Williams, Vice President of Experiences at GE Lighting, a Savant company. "Our new products give consumers the ability to bolster their Cync smart home with new whole home capabilities that are hubless and can all be controlled by a single app or voice."

Smart House. Warming Party.  New Cync Smart Thermostat and Room Temperature Sensor

Cync Smart Thermostat product shot

Cync smart thermostat

GE Lighting

As with all Cync products, the all-new Cync Smart Thermostat features the premium quality for which GE-branded products are known. The Cync Smart Thermostat can be installed without a common wire, making it compatible in nearly every home. Its large, sleek, and high-contrast display makes on-site control easier than ever, and like all Cync products, no hub is required for 'away from home' control using the Cync app. The all-new Cync Room Temperature Sensors work with the Smart Thermostat to monitor individual rooms or the entire home and optimize the comfort accordingly. The new Cync Smart Thermostat and Temperature Sensor will be available to order in January from Lowe's, Best Buy and Amazon. The Smart Thermostat starts at $119.99 and the Temperature Sensor at $29.99.

See Inside. Outside. And All Around.  New Cync Outdoor Smart Security Camera

product shot of Cync Outdoor Security Camera

Cync Outdoor Security Camera

GE Lighting

On the heels of its first indoor camera launch, Cync is launching outdoor camera options that keep families safe, the home secure and provide peace of mind around-the-clock. The Cync Outdoor Smart Camera comes in both wired and battery/solar powered options, so users can choose the setup that's optimal for their smart home. With 2K/1280P HD video and night vision, and a digital swivel head, Cync never misses a moment. Cync prioritizes privacy and security, so both cloud and local SD storage options are available. The new Cync Outdoor Smart Cameras and Accessories will be available to order in February from Lowe's, Best Buy and Amazon. Wired Cameras start at $99.99, Battery Cameras at $129.99 and Solar Panel Accessory at $44.99.

Smart. Light it Up.
The Cync family of smart bulbs continues to grow with the addition of 11 new products, including smart decorative filament-style bulbs in various shapes and sizes, such as candelabra and globe and the ever-popular reveal® general purpose bulbs. These additions will be offered in both white and full color options. The lights come equipped with Wi-Fi unlocking a range of features including voice control, scheduling scenes and more - all controlled from the Cync app, powered by Savant. Users will have the ability to change the living room to a dance party from their cell phone or check to see if the kids left the lights on when they left for school. The new Cync smart lights will be available to order in March from Lowe's, Best Buy, Target and Amazon, starting at $11.99.

Cync. In Sync with Matter.
In addition to control via the Cync app, powered by Savant, Cync devices can be controlled with both Alexa and Google. Link Cync smart light bulbs, strips and wall switches, motion detectors, indoor and outdoor smart plugs and cameras, and thermostat with sensors to create custom scenes for the perfect setting during any occasion. Cync is also a part of the CSA and will be included in the 2022 integration of the Matter protocol that allows all smart home devices to work together regardless of manufacturer or platform. This will enable today's Cync products and the app to work securely, reliably and seamlessly with other Matter connected devices and ecosystems tomorrow.

Recently, GearBrain was able to test Cync's new app and liked what we saw. It was easy to use and set up automations or alerts. We also had no issues with adding new Cync devices. This is good to know since the company mentioned the company informed us there will be more smart devices coming in 2022 which we were excited to learn about. For now, if you want to learn Cync's new products listed above, you can visit Cync sites..

And if you want to find other smart devices that work with Cync smart products, visit The GearBrain, It's our compatibility find engine which can help you find connected devices that are compatible with the smart devices you already own in your smart home.

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