Facebook Live Dec. 4: How to lock out hackers

Facebook Live Dec. 4: How to lock out hackers

Join us as we talk about how to keep your devices and identify safe

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We get on the internet without almost any thought. At home on our laptops, at work on our PCs, and from the street on our smartphone. We're checking social media, texting friends, sending work documents and making purchases. Most of us assume those interactions to stay private, just between the people and businesses we are transacting with, emailing and texting. That's not always the case.

While passwords can keep our devices fairly locked down and safe, the way we get online can compromise our identify and our information. This can happen when we're at work, at home or in a public park enjoying our lunch break.

Luckily, it's not hard to add an extra layer of security to our online connections. Some routers come with build-in security services, a password manager can help you keep track of all those log-in details, and a VPN can create a private, and safer way to surf online than public Wi-Fi. You can also lock down your online activity without buying anything by changing factory passwords and adding two-factor authentication to some of your log-ins online.

We'll talk about a few different ways to protect yourself, your identity and your devices, and show you some tips as well products we think work well. Join us on GearBrain's Facebook Live on Tuesday December 4th at 2 pm ET, and bring your questions so we can answer them live.

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