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a photo of three people on a conference call with a Jabra speakerphone Speak2 75

Jabra’s New Next-Gen Speakerphones are Designed Specifically for Hybrid Workforce.

With more and more people working from home, Jabra announced new speakerphones, Jabra Speak2 Range, to aid hybrid work life and make us more productive.

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Since the pandemic, everyone’s work lives have shifted, and we have learned to be productive no matter where we worked. But it hasn’t been easy. The technology we have been using wasn’t designed for remote working. We had to adjust and get our equipment to adapt to the new hybrid work life. Today, Jabra announced the launch of their next-gen speakerphone, Speak2 Range, that are designed for our new hybrid work environments.

Hybrid work has shifted the way we meet, with 80% of all meetings now being either fully remote or hybrid. The new Speak2 range is engineered specifically to meet the need for an intelligent speaker that is built to handle anything a busy hybrid working day throws at you – from conference meetings and direct calls to streaming media, presentations, and more.

Jabra has been a longstanding leader in the speakerphone market and has sold more than 9 million speakerphones worldwide. Now, giving more power to the speaker than ever, the Speak2 range offers mobile and futureproof professional sound so all voices can be heard, wherever they may come from.

a photo of a laptop on a table on a videeo call using Jabra Speak 55 speakerphoneJabra Speak2 speakerphone work with all conference calling services.Jabra

Next-generation engineering for every voice

For all meeting participants to not only feel heard but also listened to, the Speak2 range is engineered to go beyond standard speakerphone performance, providing full duplex audio. This speakerphone allows users who are talking simultaneously to conduct much more natural two-way dialogues, as though each speaker was there in person, without disrupting the conversation flow.

42% say they can’t hear what is being said in meetings*. With the Speak2 75, Speak2 55, and Speak2 40, gone are the days of raised voices straining to be picked up by poor-quality speakerphones. Every speaker in this new range features cutting-edge Voice Level Normalization technology and state-of-the-art beamforming microphones that eliminate background noise for superb voice pick-up.

Built with versatility in mind, the Speak2 range ultimately offers, professional, pocketable, and portable devices packed with the latest technology. All packaged up in a stylish, contemporary design with premium materials including 100% sustainable fabric for the speaker. When in a call mode, the subtle user interface ring lights up and brings use functions with relevant icons to life.

Advanced professional speakerphone with superior audio

Jabra Speak2 75 is the only speakerphone in this range to feature a custom-designed Microphone Quality Indicator. The 360-degree light ring shows users how well their voice is being picked up by the microphones, reassuring users of true professionalism from wherever they may be working.

In addition, this speakerphone includes an advanced full-range 65mm speaker, offering a dramatically more powerful audio experience and ultimately resulting in much more efficient and productive meetings.

Compact speakerphones full of productivity-boosting tech

With the Jabra Speak2 range, users can rely on seamless plug-and-play connectivity to focus on what matters most; hosting professional and reliable meetings. For those who like choice, use the USB cable for a direct line with the Speak2 40 or go wireless with the Speak2 75 or Speak2 55.

Finally, each Speak2 product is designed to work with all leading virtual meeting platforms, meaning users can participate confidently in calls and meetings from any location without worrying about poor audio quality or connectivity issues. All of Jabra’s Speak2 products feature IP64-rated protection from dust and water, keeping durability at the forefront.

Aurangzeb Khan, SVP for Collaboration Solutions at Jabra says, “Sound clarity is fundamental when looking to ensure all employees feel included in hybrid meetings. Therefore, Jabra decided to take on the challenge of re-engineering the world-leading Jabra Speak series for better performance and optimized experiences. Engineered for the hybrid worker who wants to hear and be heard most productively, the new Speak2 range demonstrates to those working flexibly between home and office, that their voice matters too. So, get ready to speak up.”

Key shared features of the Speak2 range:

Jabra Speak2 55 Speakerphone

product shot of Jabra Speak2 Range speakerphonesJabra Speak2 Range SpeakerphonesJabra

  • Four beamforming noise-canceling microphones with innovative background noise reduction technology
  • Advanced full duplex audio
  • Voice Level Normalization technology
  • Designed to work with all leading virtual meeting platforms, like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom
  • IP64-rated protection from dust and water

Speak2 75 only:

Product shot of Jabra Speak2 75 SpeakerphoneJabra Speak2 75 SpeakerphoneJabra

  • Super-wideband audio and full-range 65mm speaker
  • Microphone Quality Indicator
  • Up to 33% sustainable materials (from mechanical parts)
  • Easy connection with Microsoft Swift Pair
  • Plug-and-play straight out of the box
  • Up to 32 hours of wireless battery life
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms

Speak2 55 and Speak 40:

Product shot of Jabra Speak2 55 SpeakerphoneJabra Speak2 55 SpeakerphoneJabra

  • Plug-and-play for ease of use, with Jabra Speak2 55 boasting up to 12 hours of wireless battery life
  • Contains more than 50% sustainable materials (from mechanical parts)

Speak2 will be available from the end of March 2023. And the speakers will cost:

  • Speak2 75 MSRP $369
  • Speak2 55 MSRP $189
  • Speak2 40 MSRP $169

To learn more about the Jabra Speak2 range, visit the company site.

a product shot of Jabra Speak2 40 SpeakerphoneJabra Speak2 40 SpeakerphoneJabra

It’s good to see manufacturers start to market devices to help users adapt to the way we live and work today. We look forward to testing the new Jabra Speak2 speakerphones and reporting back on their performance. But from what we have seen so far, it looks like these next-gen speakerphones will help all parties improve the hybrid workplace experience.

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