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Home security is top of mind for consumers looking to buy smart home devices this year

The Rise of Smart Home Security: How Technology Offers Home Protection

Explore the benefits of smart home security and security tech.

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Not long ago, smart homes were thought of as a futuristic phenomenon. But in recent years, technology like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa that can "bring homes to life" has become quite accessible.

With the rise of innovation in smart home devices and the like has come a shift towards smart home security.

In this article, we'll discuss everything you need to know about the rise of smart home security. Before reviewing some smart security solutions, we'll cover some benefits of investing in smart home security.

Let's dive in.

Why invest in smart home security?

a photo of a couple activating their home security systemHere are the best smart home security systems to help secure your home. iStock

When investing in smart home security, there's everything to gain and nothing to lose.

However, a few specific benefits of setting up smart security systems are worth calling out.

Protects your home and family

The obvious advantage of investing in smart home security is that it protects your home and family. That is enough reason for most people to invest in smart home securities.

A smart home security system protects your family from intruders set on committing any crimes ranging from petty theft to more grave situations.

Plus, having a proper security system in your home will give you peace of mind. When the people you love the most and the important possessions are protected, you can go about your day-to-day life with much less stress.

Increases home value

Integrating smart home security technologies into open house showings enhances the overall experience for potential buyers. By highlighting these systems' advanced security features and benefits, agents can create a sense of safety and peace of mind.

And this sense of security particularly appeals to high-value real estate leads seeking top-notch protection for their property investments. Since setting up a smart home security system takes some planning and implementation, having it already configured and installed will likely increase the value of your home.

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Safeguard your rental properties.

The advent of smart home security systems represents a significant milestone in technology-driven home protection. These smart devices appeal to individuals involved in real estate crowdfunding for rental housing.

Why? Safeguarding your property equates to safeguarding your assets, which holds even greater significance for those in the initial stages of operating as small-scale real estate developers.

The last thing you want is for transients to break into your properties during development. Or worse, when trying to make a good impression with new tenants or investors.

Motion sensors and remote control monitoring can help you keep your rental properties safe from afar. With a simple check on your smartphone app, you can tell if there's a motion detection alert from someone trying to enter your home.

With this real-time information, you can alert the authorities immediately. The result? Prevent damage to your rental property and keep it safe for future tenants.

6 Types of smart home security devices

Many smart home security systems and devices are available with different levels of complexity and at various price points. This makes home security accessible for people on different budgets.

With that in mind, let's review six smart home security devices you could use to protect your home.

1. Smart doorbells

a photo of Abode Wireless Video Doorbell installed on a doorAbode Wireless Video Doorbell GearBrain

Smart video doorbells, like the Ring Camera, are a great first line of defense against intruders.

This technology sends you an alert whenever it detects movement at your door. These video doorbells are great for knowing who's on the other side when you have a visitor.

Smart doorbells are also great for checking on deliveries that arrive when you're not home. And it can help identify individuals during package theft.

These smart home security devices are affordable and easy to install, making them accessible to everyone. It's a much cheaper option than a professional monitoring service.

2. Outdoor cameras

a photo of Vivint Spotlight Pro installed Vivint Spotlight Pro is an outdoor spotlight and floodlight security camera GearBrain

Outdoor cameras are great for protecting your property. While there are dedicated outdoor security cameras, these systems can be pricey. Some people take a DIY approach using wireless dash cams, trail cameras, and other similar tools.

Integrating these outdoor cameras into the smart home network allows you to remotely access and monitor the camera feeds, receive real-time notifications of any unusual events, and even alert local authorities if necessary.

For example, dashcams are designed to record and capture footage while on the road, providing evidence in the event of accidents or incidents. However, the same concept can be applied to home security by installing them strategically within and around the house.

These dashcams can serve as an additional layer of security, recording and monitoring any suspicious activities or potential break-ins.

3. Indoor cameras

a photo of SimpliSafe's new Smart Alarm CameraSimpliSafe's new Indoor Smart Alarm Camera SimpliSafe

Indoor cameras are another significant aspect of a smart home security setup. They're particularly valuable if you regularly have people working in the home, such as a housekeeper or nanny.

Having cameras indoors can deter people in your home from stealing, or they can help identify who the perp is if something goes wrong.

Like outdoor cameras, there are many options for indoor cameras ranging from basic nanny cams to more advanced options, like PTZ security cameras.

If you're going with a more straightforward option, it should be easy to install it yourself. More advanced options may require professional installation.

4. Alarm systems

An alarm system is another line of defense against home intruders. Alarm systems are typically made up of a network of sensors on all of the home's entry points, and they trigger a blaring sound and bright, flashing lights if they are opened when the system is armed.

Some people don't like having cameras in and around their houses because it can feel like an invasion of privacy, and alarm systems provide protection without recording their every move.

5. Motion detectors

Motion detectors are a simple way to alert you of an intruder or scare them off. Some in-home motion detectors are part of a more intricate alarm system, but others trigger lights to click on when.

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A motion-activated light may seem simple, but intruders who expect darkness to help commit their crimes will run off thanks to the sudden blast of light. It's simple yet effective.

6. Home automation systems

Control4 EA-3 controller all connected.A photo of our EA-3 controller all connected. GearBrain

Home automation systems are also becoming a crucial part of many smart home security setups. These are typically more pricey investments, but they can serve as the hub for your other smart home security technology.

If this interests you, look for recommendations for local security companies to help customize a system for your home.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of ways to protect your home with smart security technology. There are options available for just about any budget, making home safety and security available to just about everybody.

So, what are you waiting for? Investing in smart home security to protect your family and property is time!

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