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a photo of ​TP-Link Tapo C325WB Outdoor Security Camera with ColorPro Night Vision on a home

TP-Link Reveals New Tapo Outdoor Security Camera with Innovative ColorPro Night Vision

TP-Link launches new Tapo outdoor security camera with innovative night vision to help protect your smart home in complete darkness.

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One key feature you should look for in an outdoor security camera is night vision. How well does the camera see at night? How far in the dark can the camera see in complete darkness? And can the camera identify the object and determine if it's a human, animal, or car in black & white or color? These are all valid questions you should ask yourself before buying a reliable and effective outdoor security camera. And today, TP-Link, a provider of dependable, smart home devices, is announcing the launch of a new smart outdoor security camera, the Tapo C325WB ColorPro Outdoor Security Camera, that takes night vision to a whole new level.

What is Tapo C325WB ColorPro Outdoor Security Camera?

a photo of \u200bTP-Link Tapo C325WB Outdoor Security Camera with ColorPro Night Vision installed on a home at nightTP-Link Tapo C325WB Outdoor Security Camera with ColorPro Night VisionTP-Link

The Tapo C325WB is the first camera to adopt the innovative ColorPro Night Vision technology from TP-Link, providing users with professional-level monitoring and image quality superior to traditional cameras. This technological breakthrough makes the Tapo C325WB the next standard for home security systems.

Tapo C325WB is a 2K QHD wired outdoor camera with unparalleled performance. With ColorPro night vision technology, the Tapo C325WB comes with an F1.0 super-aperture lens and a 1/1.79" large sensor, enabling it to capture full-color images in ultra-low light conditions as low as 0.05lux (moonless midnight) without any floodlights or spotlights. Equipped with TP-Link's exclusive image optimization algorithms, the Tapo C325WB reveals pictures with higher brightness, higher saturation, and crisp details without needing any lights, providing users with true-to-life colors and enabling them to experience daylight clarity even at night.

Tapo C325WB sets itself apart from traditional color night vision cameras that rely on spotlights or floodlights. With its innovative ColorPro Night Vision technology, Tapo C325WB delivers natural colors in the dark and detailed images with a broader range of vision without any light pollution or dark corners. Unlike floodlight and spotlight cameras that require lights to be turned on for color night vision, which can cause overexposure or light reflection on car license plates, Tapo C325WB's ColorPro technology ensures clear visibility with every detail. With industry-leading 2K QHD resolution and a wide field of view of up to 127 degrees, Tapo C325WB provides an extended vision with accurate event detection, eliminating blind spots.

a person installing \u200bTP-Link Tapo C325WB Outdoor Security Camera with ColorPro Night Vision on a house TP-Link Tapo C325WB Outdoor Security Camera with ColorPro Night Vision is easy to installTP-Link

Moreover, the Tapo C325WB's smart AI identifies people, pets, and vehicles, notifying users as needed. Tapo C325WB's AI technology detects hidden threats with clear footage, reducing false alarms triggered by flying insects or shaking leaves from spotlights. Plus, it's free from distracting lights and eliminates neighbor complaints.

In addition to being weatherproof, the Tapo C325WB offers customizable sound and light alarms, custom activity zones, and HDR Technology (High Dynamic Range). The camera provides local and cloud storage, allowing users to save recorded videos to a microSD card of up to 512 GB (sold separately) or use Tapo Care cloud services.

How much does Tapo C325WB ColorPro Outdoor Security Camera cost?

The Tapo C325WB, ColorPro Outdoor Security Wi-Fi Camera, has an MSRP of $119.99 and is available on Amazon.

Suppose you are looking for a reliable outdoor security camera to help you keep an eye on your backyard in complete darkness. In that case, the new Tapo C325WB ColorPro Outdoor Security Camera is one to consider. It comes with all the essential features of an excellent outdoor security camera: color night vision. This powerful motion sensor can identify whether the object is a person or an animal and not send false alarms due to giant insects flying around the lens at night. It has an alarm, good FOV, and you can store videos locally, saving you money on cloud storage.

GearBrain will test this new security camera in the coming weeks and report back. From what we have seen and heard from the company about this unique outdoor security camera, it is worth considering if you are in the market for an outdoor security camera with powerful night vision.

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