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Wi-Fi Security: Three Things Everyone Needs To Do

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Here's How To Stay Safe in the IoT Jungle

So you're not a U.S. Senator or a professional hacker. How do you set up Wi-Fi security to protect your own IoTs?

“The best thing is to have a separate network," says Jerry Irvine, chief information officer of IT outsourcer Prescient Solutions. “There's really not a lot of places for internal security on these devices," says Irvine.

Next? Hire a local retail IT department like Best Buy's Geek Squad for $25 an hour to wire your home with a virtual private network that is once removed from the applications that operate your IoTs, he says. Under normal conditions the job should take three hours and cost $75.

Keeper Security's CEO and co-founder Darren Guccione recommends high-strength passwords and two-factor authentication. “If you are guilty of reusing the same password over and over, hackers can gain access from everything to your bank account to your car to your home and everything in it," says the co-founder of the digital vault maker.

Finally, read privacy policies and check privacy settings on any and all devices, and include online and social media sites you ever used.

“My advice is for consumers to note down all of the places and devices where they may have created, stored or shared information, files and data," says Pat Clawson, CEO of Blancco Technology Group, a securities solution firm. “If you're not sure and think you might be missing a few, run a Google search to see where your name might appear online."

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