Amazon Echo Wall Clock back on sale after software fix

Amazon Echo Wall Clock back on sale after software fix

Connectivity issues have been resolved for the Alexa timer

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True to its word, Amazon has put the Echo Wall Clock back on sale just a few weeks after connectivity issues were discovered by early buyers.

The clock went on sale in January but was soon pulled after several users reported connectivity problems between it and Amazon's Echo smart speakers. The problems caused the clock to display the wrong time, and not manage countdown timers correctly.

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Announced in late-2018, the $29.99 wall clock shows the current time, obviously, and can display the status of timers you have set via Alexa, thanks to 60 LEDs around its face.

The clock is intended to be used in the kitchen, where it can show the status of a timer without you constantly having to ask Alexa or check the smartphone app.

The Echo Wall Clock is now back on saleAmazon

The clock requires a connection to an Amazon Echo smart speaker to work, and it's this that was causing problems.

Amazon pulled the clock from sale, but has now issued a software update. This is available now to any customers who kept hold of their wall clock, and new buyers should see the update install itself when they switch the device on for the first time.

This could have been an embarrassing situation for Amazon, who used the clock - along with an Alexa-connected microwave - to muscle its way further into the smart home space. Not only does the company produce smart speakers, but it clearly wants to bring Alexa to as many appliances - and as many rooms or as many homes - as possible.

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