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Top golfing apps to boost your game on the green

Here are the best golfing apps that come with virtual caddies and features to help improve your golf swing and handicap.

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One way to improve a golf game is to get out on the green and play. But nothing says you can get a little help from apps that track your handicap and even show you the best angle by reading the wind speed while you stand on the course.

These apps work on Android smartphones and iPhones, with free and paid versions that can coach you to a better score. Think of them as a caddy that never leaves your side.

Golfshot Golfshot has augmented reality views to better analyze the courseGolfshot


Think of Golfshot as a caddie that knows more than 40,000 courses worldwide. You can pick up the distance to the green, hazards, and targets, plus use the app as a digital scorecard.

The Golfshot app also uses augmented reality to see holes with certain highlighted features. You'll also get recommendations on clubs to use, and the app works with watchOS and Android Wear OS so that you can pair it to your smartwatch.

The app is free, but you can upgrade to the Pro version to get real-time distances, AR, and coaching tips, starting at $59.99 a year.

SwingUSwingU has a premium subscription that includes lessons you can downloadSwingU


This iOS and Android app has a free version with a GPS rangefinder for every course SwingU covers. You also get a scorecard and a way to track your handicap. Upgrade to premium, and you can get extras, including an enhanced scorecard and club recommendations made by taking readings of your elevation and even live wind speed.

You should expect to see advertisements on the free app, but premium users have an ad-free experience, plus lessons and drills they can download that have been added by top golfing instructors. Typically $9.99 a month, you can get nearly 60 percent off the premium if you sign up for an annual plan and pay just $49.99 for the Plus or $99.99 for a Pro plan.

Golflogix Golflogix works on Android and iOS devices, including the Apple WatchGolflogix


The Golflogix app works on Android and iOS devices — including the Apple Watch — and has mapped out more than 35,000 courses and unique features for the Apple Watch, including the distance to the front, center, and back of the green.

Golflogix Plus includes extra features, including Putt Line, which creates an angled diagram showing you the optimal way to aim when putting so you can try to get into the hole. Plus, a premium you can add comes with a free trial; after that, it's $12.99 a month or 12 months for $59.99.

Golf GPS RangefinderStore information including putts, penalties, and strokes on the Golf GPS Rangefinder appGolf GPS Rangefinder

Golf GPS Rangefinder

The Golf GPS Rangefinder is free and includes the distance to different areas of the green, plus scoring for up to four golfers. You can see flyover views and track shots. In the app, aside from strokes, you can keep information on penalties, putts, and even the distance you've walked.

This is an Android app and free, although there are in-app extras you can pay for, including support for working with a Samsung watch for $19.99.

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ArccosThe Arccos Caddie app works with the company's smart sensorsArccos

Arccos Caddie App

This app for Arcoss works on iOS and Android devices and connects to Arccos smart sensors to track and record the shots you hit. The app and sensors use GPS and another tech to help golfers get better. You can also get information on your strokes and even pick up data, including slope, speed and direction, and the temperature outside — and the app works on both iOS and Android devices.

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