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Which Connected Devices Do You think connect with Amazon's Alexa?

Test your knowledge and see what connected devices are compatiable with Amazon's Alexa.

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One of the biggest problems facing the growth of our new connected world is understanding how all these new connected devices work and which ones connect to each other. Many early buyers of connected devices had problems with connecting their devices to others that many got feed up. Especially for the smart home system buyers, no one ever educated them on the many different platforms these devices were built on before they purchased. Did you know there are 5 different wireless protocols that smart home technologies use to communicate to each other? (Click here to learn the 5 different wireless protocol technologies or visit Amazon Echo: Best AI Digital Assistant For Any Smart Home to learn more about Amazon Echo.)

GearBrain is here to solve this problem and assist buyers of these new connected devices in understanding how they work and learn which ones connect to each other but in a fun way. Listed below is the first of a bunch of quizzes for you to take that will help you learn which products work with Amazon's Echo and it's far-field voice command system called Alexa. We selected this product because the voice-activated Amazon Echo is becoming a significant player in the smart home automation category.

Test your knowledge and learn more about the connectivity of Amazon's Alexa. And have fun!

Learn what connects with Amazon's Alexa
Which wireless thermostat connects with Amazon's Alexa?
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