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The 7 Best Toy Drones

These seven toy drones produce the best flips, helping beginner pilots take flight whether that's indoors or in the sky

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Sky-high fun is even sweeter with a brand new drone. Toy drones are being built better than ever, with features and functions that continually surpass all expectations. A few years ago, GearBrain rounded up the best toy drones at the time, which are still super cool and fantastic to fly. But today's technology allows us to dig into newer drones that make your time off a lift off. Note, these drones are meant for enthusiasts to enjoy in appropriate areas following best practices, unlike pro drones used for shooting movies and more massive undertakings.

DJI Mavic Air

A photo of the \u200b$800 DJI Mavic Air has a built-in 4K camera

The DJI Mavic Air has a built-in 4K camera


Literally unfold a new way to have fun with the $799.99 DJI Mavic Air. Portable and high-performing, this drone (available in three colors) is engineered with elegance and flies with ease. With a 21-minute maximum flight time, there are plenty of chances to get a bunch of amazing aerial shots with the built-in 4K camera, with panoramic views and HDR photos. The remote control is foldable just like the drone itself, adding compact convenience for on-the-go exploration. GearBrain's review digs deeper into the specifics, pros, cons, and all things to consider before your dollars go to DJI.

Aerix Black Talon 2.0

A photo of the $115 Aerix Black Talon is\u200b great for new pilots, and can be flown inside the house and outdoors too

The $115 Aerix Black Talon is great for new pilots, and can be flown inside the house and outdoors too


Tiny and terrific for newbies, the $115 Aerix Black Talon 2.0 is perfect for indoors or outside, flipping and flying in 5 minute stretches for quick but creative coasting. Small and sturdy, this 2.4 ounce drone requires essentially zero assembly, making excited new owners out-of-the-box ready for flight. Paired with VR goggles, the realistic routes are anything but routine. Read more about Aerix Black Talon 2.0 in this recent GearBrain review.

AEE Mach 1

A photo of the AEE Mach 1 Drone unboxed on the ground.

The AEE Mach 1 has Qualcomm tech built inside


From the ability to take far out photos to smartphone synching, the $349 AEE Mach 1 drone is a dual-mode machine that makes flying a true adventure. Its solid structure and reliable remote makes testing out all the flying features a drone lover's dream. GearBrain's review deemed AEE "up to task" and revealed its impressive flight characteristics. The sleek silver style is ultra-modern, making AEE look as crisp as it coasts.

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JetJat Ultra

A photo of the \u200bJetJat Ultra, which may be the one of the smallest drones you'll find today

JetJat Ultra may be the one of the smallest drones you'll find today


Pocket-sized and camera-equipped, the JetJat Ultra micro drone is super mini, but is big on fun. Great for use inside or out, this tiny toy hovers well, records impressively, and can be controlled by smartphone or remote. You may not get quite the speed or style other more sophisticated drones offer, but for beginners, the best things do come in small packages. Learn more about the JetJat Ultra in this GearBrain review, and you can find this drone priced between $30 and $45 depending on color.

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Aerix Vidius

A photo of the Aerix Vidius drone, which is simple to set up

Setting up the Aerix Vidius drone is simple


Billed as "The World's Smallest FPV Drone," the $95 Aerix Vidius is huge in terms of an exciting immersive experience as the user feels like they're right inside, as a "mini me" lifted off the ground. Setup is simple, the whole package portable, and the design is done nicely. Use inside or outdoors, but the speed may be a bit much for fine art and furniture, so be mindful. The drone's durable though, so no worries if you hit a wall. The GearBrain review will give you more info, specs, and so forth.

Air Hogs Connect Mission Drone

A photo of the \u200bAir Hogs Connect Mission Drone, which combines flight with augmented reality

The Air Hogs Connect Mission Drone combines flight with augmented reality

Air Hogs

Augmented reality makes the $37.99 Air Hogs Connect Mission Drone extra special, making every move magical. Play the video games with great graphics and fun features, taking drone flying to a whole new dimension. Pair it up with the app, but consider using a tablet rather than a smartphone for clearer visibility. You're in the cockpit and it's pretty powerful. See what some tech-loving teen reviewers had to say about Air Hogs Connect Mission Drone as part of an exclusive "In The Sandbox" GearBrain series.

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DJI Tello

A photo of the DJI Tello is lightweight, which is under $100 and starts by just tossing the drone in the air

The DJI Tello is lightweight, under $100 and starts by just tossing the drone in the air


Lightweight, the $99 DJI Tello is designed for stunts, shoots videos smoothly, and even gives a lesson in coding. Beginners will get a kick out of this drone's compatible VR headset for the immersive experience that takes things up a notch. The 13-minute flight time is nice, and you can start your flight by simply tossing the drone towards the sky. GearBrain will be reviewing the DJI Tello soon, so come back to the site for in-depth details about this DJI drone.

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