This real estate firm lets you virtually stroll through your next neighborhood
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This real estate firm lets you virtually stroll through your next neighborhood

iStaging's mixed reality technology allows prospective buyers to take a gander at where they might live next.

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Virtual homeiStaging put its technology to the test in Taipei, Taiwan after real estate firm, Yungching Reality Group, sent future buyers through a neighborhood crawl, virtually. Using mixed reality glasses, users could check out shops, restaurants, markets, schools and of course homes along Fujin Street, a hip are of Taipei.

iStaging has seen its mixed reality technology picked up by interior design firms, letting users stage rooms and homes with a look before they buy furniture or fixtures. More well-known, Ikea has put this kind of technology to use as well, letting buyers arrange its colorful furniture in homes before they buy, and build, their goods.

While virtual reality (VR) immerses a user into a completely visual (and sometimes tactile) experience that's computer generated, augmented reality (AR) overlays visual input into a real environment, such as with Pokémon Go. Mixed reality (MR) is, well, a mix of the two—overlaying a virtual visual experience within a real one, like AR, but where the virtual object is often able to interact more fully with a user. In Pokémon Go, for example, the Pokémon characters don't get larger or smaller as you walk closer to further away. With MR, that would be more possible.

Judy Malware Android users take note: The "Judy" malware has hit more than 36.5 million Android devices says PCMag—infecting at least 41 apps with a program that brings fake ads popping up on users gadgets. CheckPoint researchers believe this may be the largest malware attack ever on Google Play.

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