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Logitech MX Brio Ultra HD 4K Webcam Review

MX Brio 4K: Superior Clarity Meets Smart Technology

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Exploring beyond our usual array of smart speakers and home automation gadgets, I am excited to present my latest review: Logitech's groundbreaking new webcam, the MX Brio HD 4K. While many users are familiar with the basic, built-in cameras on laptops and all-in-one computers, standalone webcams like the MX Brio HD 4K offer enhanced capabilities. These devices connect via USB and sometimes even feature wireless connectivity through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Logitech's latest webcam elevates your video experience with superior features such as Ultra HD 4K resolution, precise autofocus, advanced light correction, innovative background removal technology, and built-in privacy shutters for security. I've thoroughly tested the Logitech MX Brio HD 4K Webcam's advanced features over the past few weeks, and I'm ready to reveal my findings on this high-definition device. Check out my comprehensive review to see how Logitech is redefining visual communication with this new 4 K cutting-edge webcam.

What is Logitech MX Brio Ultra HD 4K Webcam?

a photo of Logitech MX Brio Ultra HD 4K Webcam unboxedLogitech MX Brio Ultra HD 4K Webcam unboxedGearBrain

The Logitech MX Brio Ultra HD 4K webcam (and the new MX Brio 705 for Business - enterprise clients) is Logitech’s most sophisticated and advanced webcam to date. It is part of the renowned Master Series ecosystem, complementing MX keyboards and mice in delivering superior performance and fostering quality collaboration. This webcam is ideal for creative professionals, content creators, gamers, and developers seeking to enhance virtual interactions and share their work with unparalleled clarity.

Here is a look at the key features of this new webcam:

Outstanding Image Quality

The MX Brio sets a new standard in image excellence with its Ultra HD 4K resolution and advanced sensor, which features 70% larger pixels than its predecessor, the Brio 4K, resulting in an exceptionally sharp image. Backed by AI-enhanced image quality, the MX Brio ensures that every video call and stream captures you with 2x better face visibility and 2x finer image details, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Customization at Your Fingertips

With MX Brio, you take control of how you appear on screen. Advanced customization options accessible through Logi Options+, Logi Tune, and G HUB software empower users to fine-tune their image by manually adjusting exposure, tint, vibrance, and field of view. Whether presenting in a boardroom or streaming from your studio, MX Brio lets you put your best face forward.

Show Mode and Superior Sound

MX Brio is not just about video; it's about sharing and interaction. The innovative Show Mode enables effortless sharing of sketches or objects on your desk by tilting the webcam, perfect for tutorials or collaborative sessions. The dual beamforming microphones also minimize background noise, ensuring your voice is clearly heard.

a photo of Logitech MX Brio Ultra HD 4K Webcam with privacy shutter closedLogitech MX Brio Ultra HD 4K Webcam comes with privacy shutter which is easy to open and closed.GerarBrain

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Privacy and Smart Framing

Your privacy is safeguarded with an integrated shutter, and the smart RightSight autoframing feature, available through Logi Tune, keeps you centered in the frame, even as you move.

Enterprise-ready and easy-to-manage

MX Brio 705 for Business is a plug-and-play solution compatible with major video conferencing platforms and certified for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. It's also Chromebook-friendly and enables IT teams to manage firmware updates and troubleshoot via the web-based Logitech Sync platform.

Sustainable and Socially Responsible

The MX Brio represents Logitech’s commitment to sustainability. It is certified carbon neutral, reflecting a design process prioritizing environmental and social impacts. The packaging, derived from FSC-certified forests and controlled sources, alongside the inclusion of certified post-consumer recycled plastic in its construction (82% for Graphite and 75% for Pale Grey), illustrates Logitech’s dedication to reducing the ecological footprint and giving new life to end-of-use plastics.

How to set up the MX Brio 4K webcam?

Setting up the Logitech MX Brio 4K Webcam is straightforward. Begin by downloading the necessary MX Brio software from Next, securely mount your webcam and connect it to your device using the USB-C cord. Follow the on-screen instructions, which provide an easy and quick setup process. Before starting, ensure your device has a USB-C port supporting the USB 3.0 standard and runs on one of the following operating systems: Windows 10 or later, macOS 10.15 or later, ChromeOS, or Linux.

For additional assistance, Logitech’s support page at is available to help. Logitech customers can further customize their webcam settings using Logi Options+ and G Hub software. G Hub is an especially versatile tool for gamers, offering extensive customization options for Logitech G peripherals, allowing for personalized settings for different games and activities, from creating macros to tuning sensors. It's an essential tool for those needing to switch between game types or work and play-profiles quickly.

a photo of Logitech MX Brio Ultra HD 4K Webcam on a monitor with shutter openLogitech MX Brio Ultra HD 4K Webcam with privacy shutter open.GearBrain

How much does the MX Brio 4K webcam cost?

Logitech's new webcam comes in two versions, MX Brio and MX Brio 705 for Business. The MX Brio has an MSRP of $199.99 (€229 EUR, £219.99 GBP) and comes in three colors: pale gray, graphite, and black. It is available on the company website except the black version. This is available exclusively on Best Buy for 90 days (ends early June 2024). The MX Brio 705 is available in graphite only and can be ordered here and through authorized resellers for $199.99 (€229 EUR | £219.99 GBP.) Also, since the MX Brio 705 is a plug-and-play enterprise model, ensure your IT admin knows they can securely update firmware and troubleshoot problems for hybrid teams via Logitech Sync, a web-based device management platform.

It is also important to note that Logitech provides a complimentary membership to Adobe Creative Cloud. Buyers can choose either a one-month membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan or a 2-month membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan (20 GB).


How well did the MX Brio 4K Webcam perform for us during testing? It did quite well. We used the webcam on several Google Meet and Zoom calls. I found the setup process quite easy and liked how the privacy shutter worked. I had to get used to the webcam size since I have used smaller webcams over the years. The MX Brio is big, measuring Height 62mm, Width 98mm, and Depth 52mm. However, this is not a bad thing. I think it's a good thing since it can accommodate a larger camera and provide a wider field of view (FOV), which is handy for group meetings or creating content.

As for video and audio experience, the MX Brio performed as I expected. The video quality was excellent. It definitely provided a wide FOV but cropped the view when needed. The audio was good and in sync with the video. And the controls were easy to navigate. I just wished there was a universal setting once we found the right mix of video settings.

a screenshot of controls for MX Brio 4K webcam showing 90 degree field of viewMX Brio 4K comes with 90 degree field of view which you can adjust in the controls.GearBrain

And speaking of the camera, the camera's controls were a game changer for me. I was able to enhance the picture from the camera using the controls. I needed to improve my side of the camera on a video call, and the MX Brio controls allowed me to enhance the picture quality by adjusting the camera's AWB (Auto-white balance), exposure, focus, and HDR. Not many webcams I have tested have this type of control. I could easily adjust my video image and create the perfect setting, so no matter where I made a call in my home office, I had the best viewing experience. I think is helpful for the person who works from home and does a lot of video calls.

Crop Controls

screenshot of Logitech controls for MX Brio 4K Webcam

Crop controls


Crop controls allow yo to Zoom in or select a preset of 65 degrees, 78 degrees, and 90 degress.

Exposure Controls

screenshot of Logitech controls for MX Brio 4K Webcam

Exposure Control


Exposure controls allows you to adjust the MX Brio compenstation for exposure, low-light and HDR.

Image Controls

screenshot of Logitech controls for MX Brio 4K Webcam

Image controls


Image controls allow the user to select auto-white balance, adjust the camera's temperature, brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrance, and sharpness.

Who should buy the MX Brio 4K Webcam? Anyone in the market for a good, high-quality, easy-to-use webcam that is certified to work with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom should consider buying this webcam. Individuals who currently own MX series devices and need to either buy a webcam or upgrade their existing one should also consider buying it. Lastly, gamers and streamers who do a lot of video calls or create videos could benefit from this new webcam.

How do content creators benefit from the MX Brio 4K webcam? Logitech's latest webcam comes with a unique mount and Show mode. The webcam's mount is easy to install but has the ability to move the webcam into various positions to ensure you get the right view for your call or video. For content creators who do unboxing videos or if you have a meeting and want to share an object, use Show mode and point the webcam directly down to capture an overview shot of an object, report, or anything on your desk. The camera easily adjusts so the person on the other end of the video call isn't looking at something upside down, which I thought was great and unique for a webcam.

We can't forget that this webcam is eco-friendly. Logitech has made a big commitment to sustainability. The MX Brio Ultra HD webcam is certified carbon neutral and utilizes certified post-consumer recycled plastic, making it a responsible choice for the eco-conscious user.


The Logitech MX Brio 4K Webcam is more than just a webcam; it's a statement of quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility. It promises to elevate your virtual presence in boardroom meetings, creative projects, gaming, or casual calls, ensuring you always look and sound your absolute best. I would recommend this webcam if you are in the market for one. It's priced right for a webcam that brings professional-grade video quality to your fingertips.


  • Show Mode
  • Ultra HD 4k video resolution
  • Wide FOV
  • Enterprise-ready (works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet)
  • integrated privacy shutter and RightSight autoframing
  • Dual beamforming microphones


  • Size of webcam
  • Some users may not need all the advanced features for everyday use

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