a photo of Lorex 2K wired Floodlight Security Camera on the side of a home.

Lorex 2K Wired Floodlight Security Camera Review

Lorex combines smart motion detection, controllable smart LEDs and HD video resolution to secure your smart home with no monthly fees.

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When looking for smart floodlight cameras, there are a few features you want to make sure the smart device has built-in. These features include controlling the smart lights separately from the camera. The device is easy to install, and you can easily position the camera and lights to cover the critical field of view to keep the outside of your smart home secure. And it has good video resolution, night and day, and a few options for storing your videos locally or in the cloud. We recently were sent a new smart floodlight camera by Lorex to test, and we found it met these criteria and more. Check out what we saw from testing the Lorex 2K Wired Floodlight Security Camera.

What is Lorex 2K Wired Floodlight Security Camera?

a photo of Lorex 2K Wired Floodlight Security Camera unboxed on a countertopLorex 2K Wired Floodlight Security Camera unboxedGearBrain

Lorex's latest floodlight camera is their 2K Wired Floodlight Security Camera. This smart device comes with adjustable dual LED panels with 2400 lumens. You can adjust the LED brightness and color temperature. This will be useful when positioning your floodlight security camera to ensure you can see and record any movement day or night.

And speaking of movement, the Lorex Floodlight Camera has motion detection that can detect a person, car, or animal. Users can customize this setting in the app and get alerts or notifications when motion is detected.

Other key features of the Lorex Floodlight Security camera include an IP65 Weatherproof rating, 2K video resolution (4MP - @ 15 fps), 8X digital zoom, 2-way talk, a diagonal 122-degree field of view (FOV), microphone, speaker, and a built-in siren. The floodlight camera works on a 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi connection and has types of night vision. You can choose from infrared (IR) night vision without ambient lighting or color night vision with ambient lighting. Both settings provide crystal-clear pictures with 2K video resolution up to 33 feet away at night.

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An additional feature we found when testing this smart floodlight camera was auto-framing. This new feature allows your Lorex security camera to automatically track, follow and zoom in on a person or vehicle as they move across our property. But note that this feature only works when you are in the Lorex Home app viewing live streams from your camera.

a sceenshot of video feed in Lorex Home appUse Lorex Home app to control your camera's features.GearBrain

The Lorex 2K Wired Floodlight Camera is controlled using the Lorex Home app, which is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. The app will allow you to set the brightness and temperature of the LED panels. You can select four light modes: motion-activated, camera-activated, manual, or scheduled. The motion-activated is the only mode that can trigger the LED panels in dark settings. The app can also help you set up notifications, alerts, and smart device integrations.

Smart Home Integrations

And regarding smart home integrations, Lorex 2K Wired Floodlight Camera works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices. And all videos can be monitored via the Lorex Home app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant-enabled smart displays. You can use voice commands with Amazon and Google smart speakers too.

Lorex Floodlight Security Camera is also compatible with Lorex's smart home ecosystem, Lorex Fusion. Fusion is the company's newest smart home system that connects wired and Wi-Fi cameras, doorbells, floodlights, and motion detectors into one system using the Lorex Home app. This system has no monthly fee that can be customized for your home or business. User can also build their own custom solution with this Wired Floodlight camera since it is compatible with Lorex Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and Network Video Recorders (NVR). See the complete list of compatible Lorex products here.

a photo of the MicroSD card slot for Lorex Wired Floodlight Security CameraStore your videos on the supplied 32 GB MicroSD card which you can expand up to 256 GB. Card slot located on the side of the camera.GearBrain

Storing Videos

When figuring out what to do with all your video recordings, Lorex provides continuous recording directly to your camera with no monthly fees. The camera comes with a 32 GB MicroSD card which can be upgraded to a 256GB microSD card if needed. If you want, you can

Cost of Lorex Floodlight Security Camera

The Lorex Wired Floodlight Camera has an MSRP of $249.99 and is available in black or white. You can purchase this 2K wired floodlight camera on the company website, Amazon, eBay, and other consumer electronics retailers. Is this a reasonable price? It's priced right for the smart floodlight security camera market. We checked the price on together smart floodlight cams by Ring ($279.99), Vivint ($279.99), Google Nest ($220), and Arlo ($249.99), and Lorex seems priced right. There are other lower-cost options from companies like eufy, Wyze, and Reolink, but you will lose video quality and smart motion detection features with these models.

How to install Lorex Floodlight Security Camera

First, you must ensure you have power at your location to install your Lorex Floodlight camera. Then, follow the instructions and download the Lorex Home app from either App Store or Google Play. Or you can use the written instructions we preferred that were easy to follow. If you want to see a good installation video, Lorex will help you see how to install the floodlight camera.

The light bracket was a nice feature we quickly recognized when we started installing the camera. The bracket was more significant than the electrical box we were attaching it to, and we thought it would not look right, but it was okay. Also, the bracket can be installed either on a vertical surface (exterior wall) or horizontally (on a ceiling). If you plan to install it on a horizontal surface, it does have drain ports. This will prevent any flooding of the fixture that has happened to us when installing other spotlights.

Once installed, you can move the LED panels into position and use the Lorex Home app to adjust the LED panel's color, temperature, and brightness.

a screenshot of the lighting controls in the Lorex Home appSet the brightness and color temperature for the Lorex Floodlight Camera's LED panels in the Lorex Home appGearBrain

Overall Performance – Test Results

How did the Lorex Wired Floodlight Security Camera perform on a natural home with average connectivity? It did pretty well. The LED panels are very bright. Our reviewer's wife wanted to know why he put such a bright light on their house. But when he showed her how to adjust the brightness for the LEDs instantaneously, she was impressed.

We also liked how you can adjust the color temperature in the Lorex Home app. It changed the spotlight color temperature from cool (blue LED tint) to warm (soft white legacy lightbulb color.)

Lastly, setting up alerts and auto framing were awe-inspiring features. In the app, you can select whether you want alerts when motion is detected from a person, automobile, or animal. You can also set up an alert when headlights reflect off the glass or a window. This was nice.

Also, auto-framing was a new type of security feature. We saw something similar when we tested Vivint's Outdoor Floodlight Camera. (See our review here.). Their floodlight can follow a person or animal once detected. For Lorex's camera, the auto-framing feature creates a frame around an animal or person once it is detected. You get an alert telling you what has been detected. When you go to the live view, you will see the person or animal with a frame around them. This frame stays on the animal or person until they are no longer in view. At this time, you can use the speaker on the camera to speak to the person or animal—a nice new security feature.

a screenshot of motion zone settings in Lorex Home appCustomize your motion zones in the Lorex Home appGearBrain


The Lorex 2K Wired Floodlight Security Camera is a well-built and reliable outdoor smart floodlight with an integrated security camera that has 2k video resolution, two-way talk, customized smart motion detection, auto-framing, a siren and adjustable LED panels that you can control the brightness and color temperature via a free all, Lorex Home app.

This floodlight camera does integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices. You can easily set up your devices to view live feeds from your Lorex floodlight camera on the smart display or use voice commands with the smart speaker to start recording. This is a good starting point if you want to build a customized smart home security system with no monthly fees using Lorex security cameras, video doorbells, and this new floodlight security camera. You get all the critical ingredients for a dependable, smart home security system. You must remember that either Alexa or Google Assistant is your controller or hub.

Who should buy Lorex's floodlight camera? If you are looking for a wired floodlight security camera with professional monitoring, Lorex's floodlight camera is not for you. But if you are in the market for a wired floodlight security camera with no monthly fees and can easily add on other smart security cameras and doorbells to control in one app, Lorex's new 2K Wired Floodlight Security Camera is a good start.

Lorex 2K Wired Floodlight Security Camera is an excellent outdoor floodlight and security camera with no monthly fees. Its field of view (122 degrees FOV) is smaller than other leading floodlight cameras we tested from Ring, Vivint, and Google. These floodlight cams had over 130 FOVs. However, Lorex makes up for its smart LED panels' lower FOV with its smart motion detection, auto-framing, and ability to adjust the brightness and color temperature. This is handy when not at home, and you want to scare away unwanted guests or potential intruders.


  • Ability to adjust smart motion detection and auto-framing
  • The brightness of LED panels
  • Drain ports on the mounting bracket
  • No monthly contracts
  • 2K Video quality


  • Small Field of View (FOV)
  • Need Power Outlet
  • No professional monitoring options


  • 2K Resolution (4 MP) @15FPS
  • 2- Way Talk, Siren, Color Night Vision
  • Person, Vehicle, and Animal Detection
  • WIFI 2.4/5 GHz Bands
  • Integrates into Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • 32 GB Internal Storage expandable to 256 GB
Check out The GearBrain, our smart home compatibility find engine, to see the other compatible products that work with Lorex, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

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