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Loxx Boxx Secures Home Deliveries from Porch Pirates with New Standards

A leading provider of security solutions launches new security standards to prevent stolen parcel deliveries from homes.

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Over the past three months, we have tested a bunch of new smart home delivery boxes and found them to be extremely helpful to the smart homes that get a lot of home deliveries, especially when not at home. Today, Loxx Boxx is announcing new standards to prevent those "porch pirates" from stealing your packages. According to Safewise's "Worst Metro Cities for Package Theft in 2022" report, over 260 million packages were stolen by porch pirates in 2022. This was an increase of 50 million over 2021. So Loxx Boxx created their new secure home delivery box.

The U.S. shipped, received, and returned 21.2 billion parcels in 2022, totaling a daily average of 58 million or over 600 per second2. With the expected increase in home delivery in 2023, the likelihood of package theft or damage will also rise, indicating a dire need for a reliable solution. Enter Loxx Boxx, a state-of-the-art package security solution meticulously engineered as a safe delivery box that provides all couriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) a secure container to store parcels upon delivery, protecting them until retrieved by an authorized user.

a photo of the keypad for Loxx Boxx HouseholdLoxx Boxx Household and Classic version come with keypadLoxx Boxx

“While solutions such as doorbell cameras and sensors have become increasingly popular, they simply capture footage of porch piracy and do not prevent the actual theft. Frequently, customers end up watching their packages being carried away instead,” shares Kathy Sides, co-founder of Loxx Boxx. “To directly address this growing problem, we have spent the past half-decade perfecting Loxx Boxx in order to provide an affordable, reliable, and sturdy solution that safeguards packages against theft. We’re improving last-mile delivery security for customers in all 50 states, ensuring that parcels end up in the right hands time after time.”

The Loxx Boxx is available in two sizes – Classic and Household – to accommodate deliveries of nearly any shape and size. Constructed out of durable steel that is welded tight to safeguard parcels against porch pirates, pests, and the elements, both models come fully assembled and include mounting hardware to make the setup process quick and easy. Loxx Boxx is available in various color finishes with an easy-to-clean, fade-proof UV-resistant coating. A durable rechargeable battery powers Loxx Boxx, which negates the need for AC power. To fortify protection, it also includes a thermometer to monitor the container’s internal temperature and a tamper alarm to deter anyone trying to force the box open.

Loxx Boxx Classic

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Side view of Loxx Box Classic

Loxx Boxx

Loxx Boxx Household

a photo of Loxx Boxx Household

Side view of Loxx Boxx Household

Loxx Boxx

Each Loxx Boxx purchase comes with 30 days of free access to the Loxx Boxx app subscription, renewing at $1.99 monthly after the first month. The user-friendly companion mobile app allows Loxx Boxx users to manage deliveries and stay updated with real-time notifications of all Loxx Boxx activity – including internal temperature, tampering, and access/delivery. Via the app, users can authorize access to the box by creating, customizing, and managing digital passcodes for delivery drivers. Parcel tracking numbers can be imported directly into the app to create single-use access codes for carriers to access the box, or customized codes can be created and shared with friends, family, or regular couriers that grant unlimited or single-use access. Users can also leverage Loxx Boxx as a secure pick-up location directly from the Loxx Boxx app.

The subscription also backs users with the Loxx Boxx Safe Receipt Guarantee. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to combating the growing threat of package theft, Loxx Boxx is so confident this solution can stop porch pirates from stealing deliveries the company is willing to offer up to $500 towards the cost of any items stolen from a Loxx Boxx when properly deployed. Subscribers also gain access to Loxx Boxx Treasure, a compilation of over 500 discounts on partnered brands.

The Wi-Fi-equipped Loxx Boxx Classic is available now for $349 MSRP, and the Loxx Boxx Household is available for $399 MSRP.

Over the next few weeks, GearBrain will be testing this new smart home delivery box. Be on the lookout for our review and see what we learned from testing this smart delivery box that can secure and store your parcel packages of all sizes.

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