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Best Gaming Consoles of 2024

Explore the Top Gaming Consoles of 2024

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Are you looking to invest in the best video game consoles in 2024? Simplify your search with our in-depth analysis, where we dissect the top contenders based on their gaming prowess, exclusive titles, and value for money.

Gaming Console Galaxy of 2024

The gaming console options of 2024 are characterized by diversity and technological innovation. Some notable trends include:

  • Powerful home consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are making waves
  • Portable devices are gaining traction
  • Cloud gaming possibilities are increasingly popular

Technological advancements have transformed the gaming landscape, with consoles boasting more power and versatility. This enhances player experiences, providing more immersive, realistic, and engaging gameplay, whether enjoying the thrill of a live casino in Australia or exploring vast virtual worlds.

But in this vast galaxy of gaming consoles, choosing the right one can be quite a challenge. Gamers consider factors such as:

  • Pricing,
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Game exclusives

To ensure they make the best choice for their gaming needs. Next, let's delve into the standout consoles of 2024.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5There are two versions of the PlayStation 5 arriving on November 12 Sony

The PlayStation 5 stands tall as a titan in the gaming world. In 2024, it continues to reign supreme as the most powerful console on the market, boasting a vast library of exclusive games.

The PlayStation 5's exclusive titles are nothing short of legendary. Games like

  • 'Final Fantasy VII Rebirth'
  • 'Tekken 8'
  • 'The Plucky Squire'
  • 'The Last of Us Part II Remastered'
  • 'Silent Hill 2'
  • The PlayStation 5 offers a range of features that enhance the gaming experience, including
  • 3D Audio support for TV speakers
  • Refined haptic feedback on the DualSense controller
  • Share Screen with Multitasking for easy sharing and collaboration
  • Creative in-game challenges for added excitement

These features make the PlayStation 5 a top contender in the gaming console market.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series XXbox Series X Microsoft

Crafted for those who don't just engage in gameplay but immerse themselves deeply into it, the Xbox Series X stands as a gaming colossus. It comes loaded with:

  • An AMD Zen 2 CPU
  • A formidable 12 teraflops of graphics processing capacity
  • GPU capable of delivering high frame rates and support for 8K HDR content
  • NVMe SSD technology to minimize loading times substantially

When used with a compatible display, this console is engineered to unleash an extraordinary gaming performance at 120fps and 4K.

For players who place a premium on graphical excellence, the Xbox Series X delivers numerous enhancements that elevate every Xbox game played.

Gamers gain access to these advanced features and the extensive library offered by Xbox Game Pass.

  • Capabilities supporting up to 4K resolution playthroughs
  • Advanced ray tracing provides lifelike lighting and shadow effects

Substantial internal storage is facilitated through its built-in 1TB SSD and an HDMI port versioning at HDMI verbiage.

The hardware sophistication allows it even technically equipped options, enabling outputs scaled up towards vividly detailed GameX fans will appreciate the seamless inclusion of all these elements paired seamlessly together within their experiences.

More info on Xbox Series X

Handheld Gaming Consoles

a photo of Lenovo Legion Go showing a PC gameLenovo Legion Go Gaming PC GearBrain

The landscape of handheld gaming is being revolutionized in 2024. These portable devices are ushering in a new era where players can enjoy immersive gaming experiences.

Take, for example, the Nintendo Switch OLED model, which boasts a battery life that can last anywhere from four and a half to nine hours, or consider the Steam Deck with its capability of up to eight continuous hours of gameplay—these handheld consoles deliver unprecedented power and versatility.

Let's explore some standout models available this year.

  • Nintendo Switch OLED
  • Steam Deck
  • Legion Go
  • Asus ROG Ally
  • Sony PlayStation Vita
  • Retro Game 350
  • Anbernic RG351P

Offering an expansive game library alongside robust features, these handheld systems are setting themselves apart as top contenders within their category.

They present unique opportunities for gamers who prefer portability without sacrificing quality, positioning themselves against more conventional gaming consoles as some of the best options available.

1. Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch OLEDThe new Switch OLED Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch OLED model has captured the attention of gaming enthusiasts, providing an excellent balance between mobile play and high-definition visual output. Its striking display amplifies the quality of in-game graphics, deepening player immersion during gameplay.

When it comes to playing games on a surface using its built-in stand, the OLED version boasts several enhancements:

  • An expanded adjustable stand that ensures more excellent device stability
  • Superior audio capabilities that obviate the necessity for headphones to appreciate the game fully sounds
  • A larger 7-inch OLED display enhancing visibility and detail
  • Twice as much internal storage capacity compared to its predecessor
  • An integrated LAN port within its dock is included for enhanced network performance while in TV mode.

Although there is a slight boost in processing power when connected to a television via a docking station with this edition, it's primarily designed to optimize both convenience and functionality when used as a handheld device—providing gamers with an unvarying fluid experience.

2. Steam Deck

a photo of Steam Deck game consoleSteam DeckAmazon

PC gamers are finding the Steam Deck to be a game-changer. Its portability and powerful hardware are enhancing the gaming experience for many.

This portable and unique electronic device allows you to access the entire Steam library, meaning you can play your existing collection on the go without purchasing new games.

Featuring a custom AMD APU and 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM, the Steam Deck has the following features:

  • 7-inch HDR OLED display with a touchscreen
  • Powerful performance and quality visual output suitable for a vast range of PC games
  • Full-size analog sticks with capacitive touch
  • HD haptics
  • Pressure-sensitive trackpads

These features enhance the gaming experience on the Steam Deck.

The Steam Deck offers several advantages despite potential cons, like a noisy fan and issues with uncertified games.

  • Competitively priced
  • Promises a portable PC experience
  • High customizability in controls
  • User-friendly interface
  • A diverse range of supported titles

Budget-Friendly Gaming

a photo of a Nintendo GameboyBudget Friendly Gaming ConsolesLoegunn Lai

If your finances are tight, fear not, as the year 2024 presents a variety of economic gaming choices.

Gamers who prefer downloading games instead of purchasing physical discs will find great value in digital-only consoles like the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and smaller-sized options like the Xbox Series S.

Yet when planning your budget for a gaming console purchase, it's crucial to account for not just the cost of the console but also any additional accessories, game prices, and obligatory online service fees.

1. PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1 TB ConsoleSony PlayStation 4 Pro iTB ConsoleAmazon

The PlayStation 4 is not the latest generation console, but it still provides a cost-effective choice for gamers looking to save money without sacrificing gaming quality. Its lower price compared to more recent versions makes it an attractive option.

This console is known for its extensive catalog of titles with many exclusive games that can't be played anywhere else.

The PS4 is now compatible with the PlayStation 4. With Pro's capacity to render games in stunning 4K resolution, players get an upgraded gaming experience evidenced in acclaimed exclusives such as 'God of War,' 'Ghost of Tsushima,' and 'Horizon Zero Dawn.'

2. Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite game consoleThe Switch Lite plays all of the regular Switch's games Nintendo

Recognized as the top choice for an economical portable gaming console, the Nintendo Switch Lite caters to those seeking a cost-effective, dedicated handheld gaming experience.

Its compact all-in-one design that is lighter and smaller, coupled with a modified button configuration, provides ease of use and portability tailored specifically for on-the-go play.

The Nintendo Switch Lite has a significant limitation: it lacks support for television connectivity. As such, this inhibits its ability to host multiplayer games on a grander display scale.

Classic Gaming Consoles Reimagined

In 2024, classic gaming consoles tailored to contemporary tastes have seen a resurgence.

Consoles such as the Retroid Pocket 3+, Analogue Pocket, and TurboGrafx-16 Mini are becoming famous for letting users play various classic games from multiple platforms.

1. SNES Classic Edition

a product shot of SNES Classic EditionSNES Classic EditionAmazon

The SNES Classic Edition delivers a nostalgic journey with 21 built-in games, including classics like 'Super Mario World,' 'The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past,' and 'Super Metroid."

Featuring save-state capability, this console lets gamers freeze their game at any point and resume later.

Enhanced by its HDMI connectivity, allowing for crisp visuals on contemporary televisions, the SNES Classic Edition offers a retro gaming experience enriched with modern conveniences.

2. Sega Genesis Mini

a product shot of Sega Genesis Mini gaming consoleSega Genesis Mini gaming consoleAmazon

The Sega Genesis Mini provides:

  • An updated iteration of the iconic Sega Genesis platform
  • A trip down memory lane with cherished games from earlier times
  • Dual three-button controllers enable multiplayer action straight out of the packaging

Included with the Sega Genesis Mini is a collection of 42 revered classic titles, among them are:

  • 'Sonic the Hedgehog'
  • 'Castlevania: Bloodlines'
  • 'Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition'
  • And an all-new version of the arcade hit 'Darius.'

Replicating its predecessor's aesthetics, this compact edition is designed to plug and play via HDMI on contemporary televisions. This feature allows gamers seamless access to retro gaming with today's technological conveniences.

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