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What Works With Control4 Smart Home Automation System

Our Control4 guide will help you see if your smart devices are compatible with Control4 smart home automation systems.

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Home automation has been around for years. For many of us, it started with entertainment systems connected to the home's lights, speakers, curtains, and other devices. I think it was where "Man Caves" started. But over the years, home automation morphed into smart home automation and has become the nucleus for many homes and businesses. One of the leaders in smart home automation is Control4 which we have tested here at GearBrain. Their system is quite robust but expensive. And it's not a do-it-yourself (DIY) system. You must call the guy to set it up and troubleshoot any problems you might experience. But one nice feature of Control4 is that almost any smart device is compatible. So, if you want to add your existing smart devices, like Sonos speakers or Google Nest Hub Max, you can. This article will show you how to determine if your smart devices are compatible with Control4 and can work with their system.

Which Smart Devices are compatible with Control4?

Control4 installer connecting a smart TV to to their systemControl4 installer connecting our smart TV to the EA-3 controllerGearBrain

Almost any smart device with an IP address is compatible with the Control4 system. Control4 custom builds personal systems tailored to your home's precise specs and size. These include home entertainment systems, climate control, smart lights, locks, and home security. They can even take dumb devices, products that don't traditionally work on a wireless connection, and integrate them into their interface.

If you are looking at adding devices to your Control4 system or thinking of getting a Control4 system and want to use your existing smart devices, we have a way to help you quickly find this information. Our product find engine platform, The GearBrain, can help you find, buy and connect any smart device. We can also show you which smart devices work with any smart home system, including Control4.

How to see if your Smart Devices are compatible with Control4

The GearBrain is the first and only compatibility find engine for smart devices. Our platform has over 4,600 smart devices and systems listed and grows daily. Regarding Control4, we discovered over 2,200 smart devices that will work with Control4 today.

To find out if your smart devices will work with Control4, go to our platform and sign up. Once logged in, you can add your smart devices to your MyGear section. There is not cost and you can even store your devices' product manuals and warranties in your MyGear section.

Once you add your products, you can now search for their compatibility. If you want to see which smart devices are compatible with Control4, you can either click the link below or go to our platform and select Control4 under Ecosystems (in the filtering). The results will show all the smart devices along with short product descriptions, where to buy, and how much the device costs There will also be links to reviews and ratings listed.

You can always contact us if you don't see one of your products listed in the results Just email or hit the Feedback button when signed in on the platform and provide us the product name or information you need us to search for. We will get you an answer within 24 hours.

Link to Control4 Ecosystem on GearBrain

List of Smart Devices We Found Work with Control4

Control4 installer attaching IR reader to older consumer electronics.Control4 installer adding IR reader to older consumer electronicsGearBrain

After reviewing the Control4 Ecosystem on our platform, here is a list of smart devices that can work with Control4:

You can read our review on Installation Process for Control 4 Smart Home OS3 and Neeo Remote. We reveal our experience with the installation process of the Control4 system and their Neeo Remote. And explain how Control4 installers connect all your devices to help create the best customized smart home experience. And you can see the full list of Control4 partners here.

In sum, Control4 has a robust smart device ecosystem that includes Amazon Alexa integration, and its touchscreens work on Android, with 89 percent of its customers using at least one controller and one tablet controller which works on Android. The company's OS will work across more than 13,500 third-party devices, and the 7,500 Control4 products. Many of these third-party devices are legacy products that don't have a wireless connectivity capabilities. The company uses IR readers to find on/off switches to these consumer electronics like your TV, AV receiver, DVD players or tape deck if they're fairly new. Once they find the location on the device, they hot glue the IR reader to keep it secure on your device, and ensure it doesn't fall off. (see image below)

a. photo of IR reader connected to a cable box for Control4Control4 uses IR readers to connect non-connected devices to their platform. GearBrain

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