Yale Unveils New Retrofit Smart Lock and Keypad: A Leap in Home Security

Yale Unveils New Retrofit Smart Lock and Keypad: A Leap in Home Security

The Yale Approach and Keypad: Making Smart Home Security Accessible and Stylish for Everyone

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Yale, a pioneer in smart home security solutions, has introduced its latest innovation: the Yale Approach Lock with Wi-Fi and the accompanying Yale Keypad. This duo is designed to be retrofitted and is ideal for renters and first-time smart lock users. It provides an easy installation process that uses half of the existing door hardware. Available now in the U.S., these devices mark a significant step forward in making smart home security more accessible and user-friendly, especially for renters.

The Yale Approach and Yale Keypad form a comprehensive security system, offering unparalleled convenience without needing physical keys or even a smartphone. The Yale Approach Lock with Wi-Fi is an interior-only smart lock that facilitates seamless entry and exit with its Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock features. Compatible with most standard deadbolts, it can be installed in 10 minutes using only a screwdriver, making it an ideal solution for renters. The Yale Keypad, a wireless accessory, enhances this experience by allowing key-free entry with personalized codes. It is set to be joined by the Yale Keypad Touch, which will introduce fingerprint recognition for even more straightforward access.

Garrett Lovejoy, Vice President of Connected Category Management, including Yale at Fortune Brands Innovations, emphasizes Yale's longstanding commitment to security, "We take immense pride in Yale's legacy keeping people and what they love most secure for over 180 years. With our latest development of Yale Approach and Yale Keypad, we're tapping into our decades of experience to offer innovative upgrades for our August customers and expanding the Yale product portfolio to offer smart lock solutions that not only safeguard your home but empower you with the freedom to come and go on your terms."

The Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge enables remote control via the Yale Access app, adding functionality like keyless entry, activity monitoring, and distributing unique access codes to g sts. Compatibility extends to major smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings, with future plans to support Matter through a simple software update, further enhancing its integration capabilities.

Aesthetically, the Yale Approach is designed with a minimalist "less is more" approach, boasting one of the slimmest profiles on the market. Available in Black Suede and Silver, it complements the modern home without appearing obtrusive. The Yale Keypad matches this sleek design ethos, featuring a backlit touch screen that's resistant to fingerprints and abrasion, ensuring durability and ease of use in any lighting condition. Its wireless, battery-operated nature and IPX5 weather-resistant rating offer flexibility in placement.

Available for purchase individually or as a bundle in the U.S., with prices starting at $129.99 for the Yale Approach and $69.99 for the Yale Keypad, this system is a testament to Yale's innovation in the smart home security sector. The bundle costs $179.99, and if you want to get an August Wi-Fi Smart Lock and pair it with a Yale Keypad, you can buy it for $229.99 on the company site. All products and bundles are available exclusively on the company site (either August.com or ShopYaleHome.com). US customers can purchase these products on Amazon and additional online retailers soon. Canadian customers can purchase the products exclusively on Amazon in the coming weeks. With Yale's new offerings, enhancing your home's security has never been more straightforward, stylish, or accessible.

One of the first smart deadbolt locks we tested was from August Home. The August smart lock was unique because it was one of the first to turn your deadbolt lock into a smart lock by replacing just the inside portion. In 2017, Yale purchased August Home and promised to draw on August Home's technology to create the future of smart residential doors. In the past few years, we have seen this process play out, with Yale taking the August Connect and creating their version: Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. And now, with the Yale Approach with Yale Keypad bundled with a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, the company has achieved its goal.

We look forward to testing the new Yale Approach with Yale Keypad, so be on the lookout for a review. If you need help finding a smart lock, remember to use our smart home compatibility find engine. It can even help you find other smart locks or systems that are compatible with your existing smart devices, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.

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